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Michigan Real Estate Virtual Assistant's In Demand

Oct 10, 2007
The Michigan real estate industry supports many other industries that create a slew of occupations and pay scales so that many other people beyond just the buyer and seller benefit from real estate. A few of those occupations are developers, builders, mortgage lenders, and a relative newcomer, Michigan real estate virtual assistants.

The virtual industry within the real estate industry is a direct result of increased activity real estate agents in that area. The flutter of increased activity has made for much more office work, and more papers to keep tabs on and have ready to finish up real estate dealings for the typical Michigan agent.

A successful agent must divide their time between office work and making important connections with the various people involved in the real estate transaction. Many agents are finding it wiser to delegate much of the office work to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA). This is a better division of time the agent has for making those important connections with the people in real estate. The more connections that an agent can make in a day, the more potential there is for converting these connections into real sales and profits. How much estate an agent moves and the profits made from doing so are the true measures of the success of leading REVA's.

Although for many people, the term outsourcing has become synonymous with cutbacks and job eliminations, it is not so for the REVA.

REVA's embrace outsourcing because it is through the outsourcing of office work from agents that they can afford to work from home with the opportunity to spend more time with family. Virtual assistants who are skilled with real estate office work and who can consistently meet deadlines will have no trouble finding agents to outsource work to them.

Organization is imperative for a virtual assistant to be successful. Otherwise you can get in the weeds so to speak and your customer service will take the hit. Tools such as Outlook or a customized CRM software will help you keep your contacts and tasks organized. Remember, it is not just the tasks of the business that need to stay organized but also each agents business and tasks need to stay organized as well.

Top earners in the VA industry have taken to advertising their services online with business websites. This seems only natural and sensible as most of the work that a VA handles is done online and with computers anyway. You can find many affordable resources online to help you build a powerful website to advertise your services.
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