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An Alternative To Network Marketing 800 Phone Systems?

Oct 10, 2007
If you're looking for information on network marketing 800 phone systems, I have an alternative idea for you that you'll probably thank me for. With the growth of the Internet and online marketing, why not streamline your MLM marketing efforts and use automated network marketing software programs to do the selling for you? In this brief article, I'm going to give you an overview of how you can take the phone calls out of your multi-level marketing promotions and enjoy more free time as a result. Hopefully by the time you've finished reading this, you'll have gathered some fresh concepts that you can apply to your marketing efforts.

Using the power of the Internet to market MLM businesses is something that is beginning to take off. Using powerful technology such as automated software programs to prospect and sort leads, qualify them, sign them up, and eventually train them allows you to spend time marketing your business instead of wasting it with tire kickers. Let's be honest, this is the new wave of MLM and if you're not adapting to this change you (and your network marketing organization) will soon be a dinosaur.

So how can you replace the now famous "network marketing 800 phone number" with something smarter? The first thing that you should have is a website. Now, this doesn't have to be anything fancy and you don't have to spend a fortune hiring an expensive web designer. Having said that, your site should portray an image of professionalism.

One of the easiest (and most effective) website building techniques that you can apply to your MLM business is a lead capture landing page. This should consist of a powerful, attention grabbing headline followed by some hard hitting bullet points and a form that your prospect can enter their name, email address, and phone number into to request more information.

After the lead opts into your form, you can forward them to a page which explains the network marketing opportunity you're promoting and allows them to sign up if they choose. You should also have an email auto-responder set up to follow up automatically with all of your leads and drip messages to them every day or so for the next week.

Once you've set up an automated marketing funnel, you'll be able to send visitors to your website address instead of having to deal with phone calls. You'll have an easy and fully automated way to capture their lead details and you'll end up with more qualified prospects as a result.

Hopefully this article has given you some reasons why you should replace that toll-free 800 number and voice mail with an automated MLM marketing system. Remember, the rules in the network marketing world are quickly changing and it's vital to your long-term success in the industry that you adapt.
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