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Cutting Overheads With Bay Area Office Sharing

Oct 10, 2007
The growth of the Web has given small and home businesses increasing importance in today's business world, to the point that a home business no longer necessarily equates to a small business.

California is one of the most connected places in the world, with Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose being home to thousands of Internet and technology companies, large and small.

While larger businesses typically own or lease dedicated corporate office space, smaller teams of professionals typically cannot afford the prohibitive overheads of maintaining their own office space, usually finding themselves relegated to smaller offices outside the business districts or in residential zones.

Fortunately, there is an overwhelming demand for corporate office space in Northern California to support the ideal solution of temporary San Francisco shared offices.

Shared office space allows professionals who chiefly work in a virtual office a physical suite for a few hours allocation per week. This innovative solution usually includes the use of reception, telephone, conference rooms, mail facilities, and office space within properly maintained corporate offices.

Shared office space allows tenants the use of parking facilities, a few hours use of reception areas (where a receptionist is usually provided), computer, Internet, and telephone access, call forwarding, paging, and voicemail for when your office is unattended, mail and PO box facilities within the complex, and signage at the building lobby.

All of these leased benefits help you to keep you on-par with large rivals with dedicated and expensive Bay Area offices.

It is no longer thought uncommon for smaller business teams operating out of homes or smaller offices outside the central business districts to do in excess of $100,000 annual turnover. However, such businesses can be met with a problem when it comes to credibility and image when meeting with clients and other acquaintances without proper office facilities.

Having a physical address in an office building with your company name on a sign in the lobby can make a huge difference for image and credibility in the mind of your clients, which makes shared office space in the expensive San Francisco real estate market an ideal solution.

Similarly, if you are in the Bay Area for only short or intermittent periods, such as when attending one the many conferences and business expos held within the State of California, you may find that shared office providers are ideal for supplying short-term access to meeting rooms with fully equipped facilities on short notice.

Regular time in a shared office can be rented for less than it would cost you to lease a smaller, full-time space in a less convenient location.

Unlike dedicated office facilities, however, shared offices possess the virtue of having a "lived-in" feel, so when your clients or colleagues arrive, the office will be well lit, warm or cool to your preference, clean, nicely adorned with lush office plants and with pictures on the walls.

Maintaining the same appearances within dedicated offices would require much more time invested, and may not even be possible if you only visit weekly or less often.

When looking for executive offices, it can pay to check that the leaser has floor plans and photographs of the office areas available, so you are able to assess the suitability of an area for your needs.

Good providers will also have access to alternate facilities at short-notice, should your requirements change or grow at a given time. For example, you may need access to several conference rooms simultaneously on one occasion.

With the growing importance of the Internet in the modern California economy, many smaller firms have a demand for professionally appointed corporate office space in the business districts, but whose size dictates that such facilities are only required occasionally.
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At Bay Area Executive Offices, we understand you need a professional space to present to clients, but don't want the expense of a full-time office. We have the perfect solution with Bay Area office sharing, for those who work from home, on the road or just need a part-time office. Visit us at http://www.bayareaoffices.com for more information.
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