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Bay Area Office Space is an Innovation

Oct 10, 2007
A completely new breed of professionals, equipped with all modern communication tools is flourishing around the world. The workplace for these professionals is not a desk and four walls, but is a virtual office. Their main communication device is not the telephone anymore, but is the computer.

As we all know, telecommuting is gaining momentum. In an busy and innovative society such as San Francisco, you don't have to be where you job is. Considering this new virtual world and the incredible costs for a full-time office, shared space provides a base of operations or a physical location only when needed.

Both bootstrapping entrepreneurs and highly paid professionals enjoy the flexibility of a virtual working space. The former motivated by the costs, the latter due to the possibility of combining professional and private life in stride.

Virtual businesses, especially in expensive high-profile business centers like San Francisco, New York or London, will become the "store front" for highly independent networks of professionals. All of them, of course want to transmit an image of seriousness and look established. For example, with a leased shared office space, you can always be represented in the most convenient location for your business.

In the past, innovative but poorly funded companies began with an innovative idea by the founders and some bench space in the garage. Examples of these kinds of companies are common.

In today's world, companies are still based on innovative ideas, but the garage is now a virtual office. Entrepreneurs, knowing that the backbone services are there and working, can now concentrate on their main task of doing business. Perhaps, these kinds of entrepreneurs are those who are going to make history, since they are taking full advantage of the opportunities that exist in their time.

Besides flexibility and cost, also think of the huge possibilities of a shared office: you can sit on a back porch with your laptop, in a coffee shop, in a train or take care of your children without quitting your daily job. Or quit your daily job in a cubicle to enjoy a more fulfilling life, but a shared space is always there for when you need to meet clients or meet with business associates.

The possibilities are endless. The chances are huge. Concentrating on ideas instead of concentrating on minor problems (is the printed broken again? Is the coffee machine out of coffee? Are the faxes coming through?) allows for the freedom to innovate and create and develop.

Technology has made the fighting field even. The competitive advantage is now the know-how and the ideas. Even if you have the economic means of financing your old-fashioned office, you can also choose to establish a shared space for a second location or for separate business functions.

Furthermore, consider that the saving is not just in terms of not paying for space. Virtual office companies offer much more than just the presence. Reliable and professional routing and handling of phone calls, faxes, and mail. Basically, ensuring a clear serious presence, keeping communications smooth and reducing the whole stress of minor tasks.

For all those meeting that you have to meet people face to face, shared office companies provide conference rooms for the time that you need. Consider that renting an office means that you pay, and pay even if you are not there. With a combination of shared and virtual office, you pay for just what you get.
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