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How Your Office Design Can Kill Your Business Impact

Oct 10, 2007
I have always thought that picking out upscale office design is sort of an art. It is much more difficult than picking out dining room design or other home design. You see, most people don't spend very long on any of the chairs in their house. They will sit down for a meal, hang out on the recliner in front of the TV for an hour, and that's it. By contrast, you spend hours and hours in your office. A typical executive might be sitting still for 40 hours or more every week in his office desk chair.

The trouble with spending many hours sitting in the office is no one wants to give up elegance for comfort. It is fine to own ergonomic office design, but it also has to look professional. The upscale office design you buy, you see, expresses a lot about you. People make assumptions immediately when they enter your office. They will know whether you have modern or classical tastes, and infer things about your managerial style and your business principles from this. Even if it is more comfortable, you don't want people to come into your office and see you sitting on a rubber ball or some other new fangled modern design!

On modern versus Classical design the best upscale office design should be fairly classic. It should be simple and elegant, not tacky and trendy. I have always loved leather design, and I firmly believe that it is the best choice. A comfortable, black leather chair conveys power, efficiency, and good taste.

It will also go well with any office desk that you choose. A lot of people think that normal office chairs are the rule, but they really aren't. There is nothing that says that you are required to work in a swivel chair with wheels on the bottom. As a matter of fact, much of the best upscale office design is made without wheels. A solid chair with armrests will be more comfortable, more stable, and more durable.

In Summary and Conclusion the type of office you run should influence your choice in upscale office design. For example, if you spend most of your time at your desk, you might want to buy a chair without casters. If, however, you are always on the move or have several different workstations, a chair with rollers on the bottom will be a much better choice. Make sure that your choice in upscale office design reflects not just your tastes, but your needs as well. After all, good design is important if you want to run an efficient office.
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Hugh Roberts has been a specialist in office design and build for 20 years and a regular contributor on this subject.
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