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How To Sell Network Marketing Without Fear

Oct 10, 2007
So there I was one day checking my messages on Myspace, and noticed a reply from a good friend of mine. He wrote back that he was, learning, earning, and returning. Then it dawned on me that I had the learning and earning part down, but I wasn't really returning the way I should've been. It became clear as water that it wasn't an option but an obligation to pass out my nuggets to other network marketers. Not too long ago I dreaded going to the mailbox because I knew it would be stocked with bills I couldn't pay. It wasn't long ago that I was frustrated with my upline director because he would just tell me to do more of the same thing that wasn't getting me anywhere.

I remember being so desperate to taste success in network marketing that I offered to pay people to join my business opportunity. My stomach used to turn right before calling a friend or family member to pitch the business to them. Between leads, magazines, and auto-ship I was flat-broke at the end of the month. I even watched the company movies over and over wishing that it was me driving the Ferraris, living in the 12,000 sq. ft mansions, and swimming in cash. Now I'm not driving a Ferrari just yet, but I did turn my business around in 24 hours when I decided to change my marketing approach.

There are (2) things you need to establish: your believability and your ability. Now you will discover how to sell network marketing without fear.

To chase money, or not to chase money?
The key is using attraction marketing; where you can pour hundreds, even thousands of qualified potential prospects who pay you to prospect them. If you are spending money on leads, magazines and cds, then you are working too hard on trying to find people to sell to, rather than letting people who don't need to be sold find you. That's the key. Why? Because a prospect that comes to you is hands down more qualified than anyone you could ever approach yourself, period.

Sell yourself first
You may have already fallen into the pit of marketing despair, and haven't even noticed it yet. If you've ever tried to sell someone on the specifics of your company then not only are you in the pit, you decided to bring a shovel with you. Never sell the specifics of your company.

Why? Because people are not looking for a product to buy, they are looking for an answer to their problem(s). They are not looking for a business opportunity; they are looking for a leader.

In this industry your way of marketing has to differentiate you from the rest of the crowd. With tons of marketers out there on the web bombarding opportunity seekers with claims of making a quazillion dollars overnight, you'll stick out like a loud suit at a funeral if sell yourself as a leader.

In psychology, this is called a violation of expectations. We are conditioned to things happening in a particular sequence. Once that sequence is interrupted, the mind can not do anything else but stop and record what's going on. Think about it. What do you do when you drive by an accident? Can you remember vivid details of a terrifying moment in your life? By placing the spotlight on your prospect, your believability points have gone threw the roof and now you have your prospects ears.

What's more, when you sell yourself you will never have to compete with anyone because there is only (1) YOU. This is why it is so crucial for you to sell yourself as a valuable resource who can offer a key to unlock a world of possibilities. You can do this by

Marketing information instead of products
Don't market your product, market information. Also know as, educational marketing. Don't just tell your prospects what your business model can do; show them what it can do for them.

Years ago, my high school English teacher, handed back a paper of mine that was obliterated with red ink. Throughout the whole paper was the acronym, SDT. It meant, show don't tell. Show your ability by teaching your prospect(s) how to build a business before they put a single penny in your hand.

Give them the tools for leadership and know how. Remember, what you give away will come back to you. So don't be afraid to give away your nuggets. You do this and like a boomerang you will always get something in return.

Why? Because giving out valuable content in a world where people are hunger for information, your prospects will close themselves. More on that later.

Putting it all together
Now, this is how this system will play out: Offer your prospect(s) free content rich materials that they have to opt-in to an auto-responder system to get. This is called Remote Controlled Selling. The sales message that you send out through an auto-responder will result in tons of sales and potential business partners. The beauty of it all is that you haven't even mentioned your business opportunity.

Remote controlled selling will allow you to leverage your time, and multiply your sales power because you get your message in front of a truckload of people.

Now that your prospects agree with the way you do business, the next logical step is to buy into your marketing system. And now that you have their trust they will more than likely join you in your business venture too. Do you see what just happened? This is the most important aspect of this marketing system so take note. When you design your business in this manner, you make money off your prospects whether they join your business opportunity, or not! How different would your business look setup this way?

You have to agree that it would be better to have people contacting you, and paying you to prospect them. Imagine having a down line filled with people who actually know what they're doing! Talk about creating an arsenal. You win. They win. Everybody's happy.
About the Author
Corey Whidbee is a professional network marketer who specializes in teaching others how to be successful with network marketing. Find out how Corey funnels qualified prospects in to his business every month visit: http://www.theforceoffavor.com
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