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A Successful Balance Of Work

Oct 11, 2007
Your destiny will be greatly affected by how much energy and care you put into everything that you do. Being very productive in your days will reap many rewards over your lifetime. For example, if you study hard and try to be an excellent student it will give you skills that will be very useful in life, possibilities for scholarships and further education, and opportunities for better jobs. Putting care and attention into your job can bring you promotion, more pay, and other job opportunities. Working to make your home better than when you purchased it will make it worth more and give you a more enjoyable home. Making an effort to be a fair and kind person and a good communicator will improve your relationships and make them more rewarding.

Plan each day to include things you can look forward to and rewards for getting your work done. This way you will be better motivated to start your day and work well to finish. The object should not be to work hard just so that you can work longer, but to do good work so that you can enjoy doing your work, be successful, and also enjoy having time off. Balancing working efficiently with time off to restore yourself is the best combination for success.

When you find your energy slowing in your workday, take a few minutes to re-energize. Some people find that five minutes of exercise will renew energy and make you feel more alert. You could walk outside to clear your mind, or do jumping jacks or jump rope indoors to raise your metabolism. Deep breathing exercises, yoga, or stretching may also help. Getting your body moving after it has been sitting for some time can help you to feel more alert, as can switching between tasks, or changing your location.

Set goals for your day, your week, and your month for your job and personal life. This will help you to stay focused on what is most important and not get distracted with less important activities. Then, also designate time in each day for play, socializing, or doing nothing. These hours of enjoyment are necessary, too.
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