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Does Outsourcing Pay In The Ecommerce World?

Oct 11, 2007
It is a proven fact that outsourcing different jobs makes financial sense in the brick-and-mortar world, but when is it time to hire out work in the ecommerce world? Too many small business owners cripple themselves. They fall into a work at home small business opportunity mindset and limit their opportunities for success.

The fact is, many small businesses increase their profits dramatically by outsourcing different aspects of their business.

Search Engine Optimizing

SEO is the number one outsource, but it has become a foggy area full of confliction and lies. There is very little reason why a business needs to pay a few thousand dollars to optimize their web sites. In fact, most SEO optimization is just recoding a page, something that any amateur programmer can do for a few hundred dollars.

Content Management Systems like Drupal and Wordpress can be easily manipulated by amateurs, and are already optimized.


Writing is the next job to be outsourced. Web writers are not the 'trying to break into the industry' armatures they were a few years ago. In fact, many pro writers are leaving the magazine and journalism worlds to step into.

A freelance writer can be hired for anywhere from $.01 - $1.00 a word. It all depend on the quality of content. Is it possible to have 100% unique content? Yes.

A niche writer who belongs to associations, has insider information, and regularly updates their contact information can write news, and reviews that are unique. This content can bring more traffic than 100 'evergreen' or 'rehashed' articles.

A good writer can also write 10 articles on the same topic without ever triggering Google's duplicate content filter. This is what you are paying for.

Link Building

One of the hardest and most time consuming practices on the net is link building. Bloggers have it a little easier. They can pay to submit to 700 or 1000 directories at a single shot for $.13 - $.20 each, with a success rate of about 60% acceptance.

Web sites and ecommerce sites need to build links the old fashioned way, by submitting to blogs and forums. However, there are people who can generate hundreds of links for $.10 - $5.00 each. These people are members of dozens of forum, manage dozens of blogs, and have multiple lenses at myspace, facebook, bebo, and other sites.
These people move through their sites, building links to their client's sites. One of the benefits is having them link to 'inside' pages of the site - something Google values more than a link to the home page.

A good link generator can build 200 links a week, each one a valid link - no sig lines, no directory lists, and no link farms.

Forum Management

Ecommerce businesses are starting to realize the value of a forum. Google is too, giving higher ranking to forums than to websites that have paid $20 000 to optimize. Forums are the new 'boom' for small ecommerce businesses.

Forum posters charge $.10 - $1.00 per post, and a good forum manager will cost about $100 a week. But, this money is well spent. A good forum manager can host contests which can build 1000 inbound links within an hour. They keep the threads going, add important information, and pre-sell customers. It is like hiring a link generator, sales rep, and writer, all in one.


Each of these freelance support professionals does charge money, something very valuable in the first few months of an ecommerce business's life, but they can save something more valuable - your time.
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