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Top Coaching Myths Exposed

Oct 11, 2007
Coaching as a profession is gaining importance. The sudden awareness of coaching as a profession has led many people to form their own myths about the profession. One of the most common myths about coaching is the fact that people believe it to be a new profession. This is where you are wrong. Coaching is in fact one of the oldest professions there is. A successful person helping others to attain success is nothing new. It is an age-old profession and was followed by great philosophers like Socrates.

People also tend to believe that coaching is a full time practice. However, this is not always true. It is up to the individual whether he wants to practice full time. Mostly the coaches do their work on a part-time basis and also integrate this into other work like consulting, training and also heading workshops. There is the further misconception that practitioners from the mental health care department are inept for the role of a coach. This statement is false as they posses many of the skills that are required to become a good coach. To name a few they know the art of powerful questioning, they have the ability to share observations and are good listeners.

A common mistake that people often make is that they consider coaching to be the same as consulting. It is necessary to understand that coaching goes beyond consulting. It is consulting with additional skill and professional training. Consulting forms a part of coaching. If you want to enter into the coaching profession, understand that it takes years of training to finally be able to coach yourself. When training to be a coach your college credits and work history is taken into consideration. They will determine what skills you need to further acquire and you can become a certified coach in a short while.

Do you need to be part of a professional trade association to be a coach? Not always and the choice is entirely yours. If you think that being part of a trade association will benefit you, go ahead. On the other hand if you prefer not to mingle too much and like to conduct your business on your terms, then you can do that as well. To become a coach and practice coaching there is no requirement for you to be part of any association unless you want to.

Now another commonly heard myth is that coaches dont sell. If you are in any business and you want to make the most of it then you will sell. Using the laws of attraction will not be enough to ascend your business. Coaches who wish to make a living out of their services should tactfully combine the laws of attraction and also be able to sell at the same time. In a similar manner, word of mouth marketing is not sufficient for a coach who wishes to conduct a full time practice. If your aim is for a few extra dollars, then it may work but otherwise a complete marketing plan including the Internet, ads and mailing is required.
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