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Book Marketing - Raise Your Prices and Sell More? Here's how!

Oct 11, 2007
It sounds counterintuitive. Raise the price of your product and sell more of it. But it's what happened to John Harricharan. (And you can do this too.)

John wrote a book called PowerPause. PowerPause is an eBook or a digital book, which means it can be downloaded directly from the Internet. Nothing is shipped or printed-it's a PDF file.

John started with just a thought-what is my product? He then realized he was his product. John is an outstanding businessman, lecturer and author, but he also knows what it's like to experience failure as well as success. He takes his own experiences and incorporates them into his lectures and books, which result in inspiring tales of strength, courage and character.

While lecturing and teaching around the world, John spoke of three principles to bring wealth, success and happiness. These principles evolved in a little eBook called PowerPause. Then the magic started. John started selling his eBook online for $19. He sold one book.

Then he decided to ask $29 for it, just for the heck of it. He sold two books. At $39 he sold a few more. Finally, when he hit $97, the book started selling well, and to date he's sold more than $500,000 worth of downloads.

One of the funny things is John initially marketed his books to the self-help audience, but it was the Internet marketers who ended up buying it. We never know where the road will take us. John went from the self-help, spiritual community to the Internet marketing community. There he found a few champions in the marketplace and he had a best seller.

PowerPause is the perfect example of repurposing. John took his lectures and repurposed them into an eBook. He then created a printed version, which he mails to people for $149. Then he created a user's manual, which is basically a guide telling people how to do what's in the book. Repurposed again, he sat down one weekend and read the book on audio and made it available online.

John speaks at seminars about PowerPause. He offers an eClass on PowerPause. At his website, PowerPauseSecrets, he offers special bonuses, including PowerPause-The Missing Chapters, The PowerPause Q&A (PDF and audio file) and PowerPause-Official Guide (PDF and audio file). And soon he will be coming out with a hard copy of PowerPause.

Imagine if John gave up when his $19 eBook didn't sell. Imagine if he stopped digging in the gold mine. In this case, it's a platinum mine. Instead of giving up after the first sale, John raised the price and then repurposed, repurposed, repurposed.

You can do the same thing with any book or idea. One concept can lead to other products, other information, other lectures and other repurposing, all from one idea. And with each repurposing there is more profit.
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