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You Can't Control Search Engines...

Aug 17, 2007
There are things in life that we can't control. For instance we can't control the weather, the loyalty of a fine dog etc etc... To me search engines are one of those things that we can't control. Search engines live and die by the quality of their searches so they are not about to try to please you because you have nice eyes if this affects the quality of their results. If their search results are no good then this will affect their bottom line and ultimately their long term survival so search engines are pretty much like little Gods out there on the Net.

The bottom line is this: search engine marketing professionals do not own the search engines. They can tell you that you will achieve #1 ranking on a given search engine and actually they all do but they could also say that you will win a gold metal in the Jamaican Bobsleigh league. The fact of the matte is there is no way they can make either of those happen. If you go to a newspaper and they are asking for 500 dollars for an add for the back page, the only way you can guarantee that position is to pay the 500 dollars or you win the spot in your Friday night poker game against the editor.

If you tell your search engine-marketing people you want to be #1 in Yahoooooo, they cannot guarantee you that result. They can recommend changes to your site that will increase the likelihood of your ranking higher, but that is a long way from a guarantee. If you don't control the medium, you can't guarantee the result. Since your search engine consultant doesn't control the search engine, there is no way they can guarantee your position. Having said all this, I will admit to you that some people do actually learn to control the search engines through trickery and cheating. This will ultimately be caught by the search engines and will get you banned for life from them meaning that it's back to the 9 to 5 forty year plan of life.

The ranking algorithms of the search engines are a closely guarded secret. If they wouldn't be there would be no point in having them right? The search engine wants to give top ranking to the site that is the best match to an individual visitor's search query, not to the site that was able to "beat" the system. That is where the value of real search engine marketing comes in but most of all what good quality Content will bring you.
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