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Build Your MLM Business Through Self Branding

Oct 11, 2007
Network marketing is a lucrative business if you know how to work it. It is the number one work from home business. Find a company that has a good product, follow their guidelines, make big money and retire young. Well that is the dream everyone that goes into an MLM has. And not that the guidelines the companies offer you to build your business aren't true, they just aren't enough. Great, they give you a website promoting their company and product, but ask yourself this... why then do they need you?

The answer to that question is that they are counting on you to go out, win the potential client over so that a purchase is made and their sales increase and you get your commission. But what about you is going to make people buy the product or service? Why not just go to the company website and order from there? Your customer is going to buy the product or service from you because of you, not the MLM you are working with. This, my friend, is where self branding comes in and why you need to understand the importance of it.

What is self branding?

In a nutshell, self branding is you marketing you. Instead of working on promoting the product line you are currently working with you are promoting yourself. People trust people, not products, and no matter how wonderful a service or product is, if there isn't a person that they can go to, rely on or trust they aren't going to buy the product.

When you self brand, you are promoting your knowledge and your integrity and that is what is going to help you build a strong customer base and gather new customers. No matter what your product line is, you never change. Self branding is essentially about you having enough confidence in yourself that you can do the best that you can with what you are working with at any given time.

You really have to understand yourself and be aware of your strengths and weaknesses in order to self brand and promote yourself. You need to market your strengths and consistently work on your weaknesses.

Creating Your Brand Image

The most important part comes right now, building your brand. Before you take another step you need to sit and think about what will make up your personal brand. Establish what your key strengths as a brand are. Your networking and analytical capabilities as well as your level of integrity and leadership skills are all essential in building your brand.

Know who your target base is. You have to know the value that your customers in that target group will see in your brand as oppose to others. If you can't get them to buy what you have to offer then you are wasting your time. Also, though you are marketing your self, it is important to know what branding the company you are representing has done. If they do not meet up to what you are promoting about yourself then you are damaging your own brand.

Define your personal mission statement and let that be on every email you send out, any letter head that you use and the opening statement on your website. Remember this is about promoting you, not the product, because if you change companies and product lines, you still want to be able to use the same "self brand" that you are creating.

Getting noticed

You have created your brand. Now what? Well, that answer is fairly simple. Get noticed! How do you do that? Send out monthly email updates to your customers and prospects. Write articles and send out the links to those articles. Attend any industry event you can and promote yourself. You are in a MLM, get out there and network. The only difference now is that instead of talking about your products you are going to talk about you.

I have seen one example where what a gentleman did was create a little "book" to give to potential clients to promote his "self brand." What was in that book was comments from a wide variety of his customers and clients stating what they felt about his work and capabilities. He was selling who he was to the potential client, not the product he was going to use.

There is no other part of your business that you will put as much work into as creating your own "self brand." When you do this, you are essentially creating a marketing program that will benefit you for the rest of your career. Regardless of what products or services you offer your campaign which is you as a brand will never change. You are the one constant in your career. Market that and reap the rewards.
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