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Affiliate Marketing Is A Great Way Of Earning A Six Figure Income Online

Oct 11, 2007
Would you like to earn a six figure income online? Affiliate marketing may be the solution you need because the product has already been created for you.

Small business owners, home based entrepreneurs, and online entrepreneurs are always looking for new ideas to make more money.

By using the Internet these days an individual has access to virtually unlimited resources at their fingertips. A click or two will get you thousands or millions of pieces of information on any subject that you need. Name your subject and you can find it on the internet.

Internet experts estimate The World Wide Web is growing by over one million pages a day as more and more people come online and utilize it for a myriad of reasons.

The internet generated over $105 billion in revenue for 2006. That represents the amount spent by over 150 million individual customers. The tremendous growth of the internet presents a unique opportunity for you to earn a handsome six-figure income online.

Anyone can make money on the internet if you just have the desire and knowledge of the right internet marketing tools that provide the highest return on investment.

One of the best ways to tap into the incredible internet growth opportunity is through affiliate marketing. The major benefit of affiliate marketing is that you don't need a product of your own. The simplest way of describing affiliate marketing is promoting and selling a product for another business firm and earning a slice of the profits (commission).

Affiliate marketing on the internet is booming because it is proven to be a cost efficient and quantifiable means of making good profits for both the product owner (merchant), and the affiliate.

The merchant owner gets the opportunity to advertise his product to a far larger market than possible through just his (or her) own efforts. By having more affiliates the product owner has greater sales and this increases earnings. The more affiliates he has, the more sales he gets, and the more he earns. By getting affiliates to market his products he is saving time, effort, and money.

The affiliate marketer benefits from the commission on sales without the hassle of having to source/create the product in the first place and of course you can be an affiliate for many products at the same time. By representing numerous merchant owners the affiliate entrepreneur vastly increases his or her earnings.

To become an affiliate marketing entrepreneur and make a good income from the internet you can start in a variety of ways.

1) Find something you are personally interested in, orpassionate about. Here is why. You are more likely to put the effort in and less likely to give up at the first hurdle. You can also be more authoritative when it comes to your promotional material. Giving the personal touch to your site, gaining your prospective customers trust and encouraging them to purchase the products you endorse.

Do not take on a product that you personally do not believe in or think is a good deal. You will not promote it effectively and will not be doing yourself or your merchant any favors.

2) Find a good merchant. By that I mean one who offers good products that there is a market for and people want to buy, and one who is not stingy with their commission rates. 50% is fair. In choosing your products do consider the likely conversion rate i.e. number of visitors turned buyers.

Do a little research; there are several affiliate networks that can provide information on the most profitable products and best paying merchants. Clickbank is a good place to start.

3) Having done the above and created your website, (do not panic on this one), because website creation is easy these days with current software. However if you really don't want to do it go to elance where you will find people willing to build you a simple website for just a few dollars).

Now you are ready to promote. This is the important bit since this is how you will generate traffic, sales, and profits. Your promotional efforts can be done both on and offline. Many people these daysforget the power of cheap little classified advertisements in the national daily papers. Placing just a three or four line classified ad in the business section referring people to your website can generate amazing amounts of traffic.

Once you get people coming to your site you are starting your own list who you can promote other products to. This is not instant; however it will build over time giving you a tidy income.

Be creative, be flexible, and be willing to embrace new ideas about earning a six figure income online.

And I will conclude this article by asking a question.

What is your plan to earn a six figure income online by becoming an affiliate marketing entrepreneur?
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