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5 Steps To Explosive Sales

Oct 11, 2007
The industry of network marketing is changing rapidly. It's a proven fact that the professional network marketers who do well have the formula for success tightly packed. It's also a proven fact that network marketers that are simply unaware of this system must get in on the action or they will sink!

Today's top network marketers that follow the new strategies create monster results. Not only do they make a steady flow of income, but they gain high numbers of prospects. There are 5 steps that can create mind blowing results for your business. These 5 steps will guide you in order to generate endless success in network marketing.

1. Be sure to have a specific target market. A major mistake mlmers make is that they choose a product to sell BEFORE they find a specific target market. You must consider the size and potential of the market first. It's not effective to find a product to sell and then push for prospects. It is however effective to find a market that has a need, and then choose a product that will supply a solution to the need.

2. Have a front-end retail product for sale. Unfortunately, we are taught to do this backwards! Uplines often teach their team to push the opportunity first. This old school technique pushes prospects away, quickly! Your upfront retail product is important because it allows you to make money flat out so that you are not shelling out tons of money to fund your business opportunity. The upfront product allows you to create a steady cash flow without having to sign someone up in your business opportunity. You make money regardless of whether you sponsor people or not.

3. Make your mlm opportunity a product in the back-end of your business. Your opportunity should be the last thing that you are selling. Often, the back-end products require a bigger commitment and a bigger price tag than the front-end product. This particular step is effective because you will be able to present your opportunity to an actual customer that has already bought your front-end retail product. They will be more likely to buy from you over and over again.

4. Know that you don't need to hunt for prospects. Many mlmers don't know this and they burn out before they ever really get started! This of course is what makes home businesses fail. They spend so much time making contact lists and approaching prospects that more than likely have no interest in the actual business opportunity. Rather than approach these types of prospects, it's more effective to target your specific market so that you are approaching people who are in fact looking for a product that you have to offer.

5. Excellent marketing strategies such as article writing, pay per click ads, blogs, ezine ads, banners, etc need to be in place. These are very important for traffic generating. Online and offline marketing is the key.

There are great eBooks that give step by step instructions on how to achieve success in each of these areas.

For many mlmers, these tips may seem foreign, but this is the way the industry has evolved. Modern day technology and new systems of strategic marketing is what makes the top notch network marketers generate killer results and astronomical amounts of money.
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Patrice Walker is a professional network marketer who specializes in teaching others how to be successful with network marketing. To contact Patrice, email: patrice@thepatricecompany.com Download your copy of the brilliant eBook with step by step instructions on how to create monster results for your business.
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