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Own Business: Business Startup Questions & Answers

Oct 11, 2007
This articles has been written in a question and answer type format. Read each question as if it applies to you and then; read the questions as if they apply to you.

What's a feasibility analysis - Is it the same as a business plan? :-

A feasibility analysis is taking a good, close look at the financial potential of your company, and seeing if it's feasible for your business to be successful. It covers probabilities as well as risks, whereas a business plan is more of a structured outline of how your company will turn a profit.

What are some of the things I'll need to consider to start my own business :-

There are lots of considerations when opening a business. First of all, what you want to sell and for how much is important to know. Is there a market for these products or services? And how will you go about promoting your business? Marketing strategies go beyond simple flyers or advertisements, and you'll want to be creative about how you let consumers know you're ready to do business.

Starting my own business sounds like a lot of work. Is being your own boss really a good idea :-

Absolutely, if you're willing to put in the time and effort it takes to start your own business and keep it running. You'll also need to invest financially. Even then, you'll need to be prepared for the possibility of running your business at a loss until the time it takes to be established has passed and you begin to turn a profit. If you don't feel able to work for free to draw in clients, or you don't like to work long hours at low pay, starting your own business may not be for you.

What are some items that I'll need for a home office :-

A home office doesn't need much, but there are a few essentials. A computer with internet access is going to be one of the most important investments of your own business in your home office, and you should make sure it's a computer with plenty of memory, storage space, and speed. A fax machine is a good idea, and having a phone line for your business is a must. Not everyone enjoys working with emails and a telephone conversation can often get negotiations settled more quickly. Beyond that, a good desk, a filing cabinet, and a comfortable chair are basically all that's needed for your home office.

What types of businesses are there and which is best for me :-

There are only a handful of basic types of businesses. The first is a sole proprietorship, where you and you alone own the business. You'll have all the decision-making power and you'll reap all the profits. A partnership resembles a sole proprietorship, only the business responsibilities are split between two or more people with equal power. Finally, there's the corporation, which is a business that is a separate legal entity on its own, at least financially. Your assets are protected, but there are tighter restrictions on the managing of a corporation and limited financial options.

What kind of marketing strategies and promotion ideas are there for a new own business :-

Your promotional possibilities are only limited by your creativity. Of course, there are traditional methods of marketing, such as by using company letterhead for correspondence and giving out business cards to as many people as possible. There is also advertising in local newspapers, but you can take that one step further and use radio or television advertisement as well. Social networking can be effective for marketing, and using the internet to promote your company through blog posts also works well. Lastly, use plenty of word of mouth, as that's the best way to get people talking about your business!

Is there something entrepreneurs shouldn't do when they're thinking about starting a new business :-

When starting your own business, you shouldn't do dreaming large. Big dreamers have plans to take the world by storm, but that's often too vast an idea and it's difficult to pin down a solid business plan of something so presumptuous. When you're thinking of starting a business, try to picture an arrow. Shot from the bow, it pierces the target. That's how you want to start your business - firmly and surely. From there, once you're established, you can start expansions of products and services.
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