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Learning To Earn As An Electrician

Oct 11, 2007
If you're ill, agoraphobic, a caregiver that doesn't have a whole lot of time to travel back and forth to school, or someone without adequate transportation, don't give up on electrician training. You can participate in electrician training right from your home.

You can actually train from home to be a full fledged electrician or just participate in the at-home electrician training to hone your current skills or review. The program is designed to let you learn the necessary training to be an electrician at your own pace and at the schedule the suits your busy lifestyle. The electrician training program is not just used by individuals who buy direct from the author, either. It is also used by a large number of colleges, universities, vocational and trade schools, electrical companies and apprenticeship program administrators all over the world.

This electrician training starts with electrical theory and then advances to the rules of Ohms Law, and on to lessons in magnetism, electrical tools and safety. Students also learn about electrical services, wiring methods, electrical motors, how to conduct electrical inspections and how to maintain and troubleshoot various electrical equipment and parts.

This electrician training is not just online or book material either. Students learn at home through the animated electrician training videos that the course designer has created to teach quickly and easily. Each chapter of the course includes a video that is narrated by the electrician author. The video shows footage of live electrical installations, and animated descriptions of volt-amps, electrons and other pertinent products and processes. Every video is from 75- 120 minutes long.

Contractors who are using electricians that haven't gone through a complete training process, this at-home course work is excellent to advance their careers and their work products quality. The electricians will know be familiar with all the Code requires and will understand how to prepare for and communicate with the electrical inspector on each job.

While the total price of the electrician training course is 895, those who cannot pay this fee up front can make arrangements to pay each of the ten modules one at a time as they take them. The price of each module is 95. Of course, there is a considerable discount in paying all at once.

This electrician training program consists of ten parts, the conclusion of each is a three part exam to determine if she or he has sufficiently comprehended and retained the course material for that module. Once the student takes the exam he or she will mail it to the schools training facility for it to be graded. It is not until that student successfully passes the modules exam that she or he can advance to the next electrician training module.

The electrician training modules cover the theory of electrons, Ohms Law, Magnetism, electric tools and the safe electrical procedures, methods of residential wiring, methods for commercial wiring, bending, electrical servicing, grounding, filing conduits and the study of motors boxes, and the maintenance and inspection of electrical meters.
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