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Article Writing or Blogging - Which is Best

Oct 11, 2007
Two of the most effective ways of internet marketing are article writing and blogging. Each of these has their advantages and disadvantages and there are several discussions about what is best article writing or blogging.

Most internet marketers have tended to prefer writing articles to blogging. Articles have been considered important in building up a marketers credibility and presence however it has also been important because it provides search engine optimisation. Search engine optimisation is enabled through the provision of original content and keyword placement. Articles also assist by increasing backlinks and a means of increasing email lists. Readers tend to think that articles are authoritative, accurate, detailed and informative. Many think that articles are less promotional than other forms of advertising.

Blogging, the relative newcomer to the scene of internet marketing, also provides the same advantages as article writing. They can provide the same information as articles but also allow for briefer comments. Blogging tends to be more personal than article writing which makes them very useful for building relationships but blogging is not considered as informative and authoritative. Another advantage of blogging is that blog sites generally allow readers to comment and add their own input into the process. Search engines consider blogs as valuable sources of information and therefore blogging is no less important than article writing in search engine optimisation.

So which is best article writing or blogging? For those who have gone into blogging in a big way and been able to build up their page ranking blogging is undoubtedly better than article writing. Blogs enables a website to remain fresh and up to date. Articles are considered to be more authoritative and it is possible to post articles on to websites that already carry a high pagerank. This saves having to go through all the trouble involved in building up a pagerank for one's own website.
Articles however do not have the same flexibility and control. Articles are generally seen to involve more research and work and therefore are taken be more reliable.

Some other advantages of a running a blog site over article writing is that the blog site allows for more direct advertising. One can put their own adsense and banners on blog pages and more can be said to promote the product than might be allowable on article websites. Blog sites can also enable the importation of information from other websites. This is something that can not be done when someone submits their articles to the article sites. Therefore some prefer to have this control and level of involvement over article writing.

When all is said and done it is probably impossible to say which is the better approach. Article writing and blogging both have their advantages and disadvantages. For the astute internet marketer it is probably best to use both techniques. Both are viable means of selling products and getting ones business noted on the internet. Both are used effectively for the following reasons.

Search engines optimisation.

It does not cost anything to advertise. Writers get their message across to active readers. It is affordable to set up publishing resources.
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