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Determine What is Working and What is Not in Business

Oct 11, 2007
In your business, there will come many times when you have to study, evaluate and rethink your business practices. It is important that you know how to determine what is working and what is not in business and that you know how to focus on what is working and abandon what is not working.

A business cannot thrive and prosper if the tactics being used by that company are not really working. If your business seems to be in a rut, it may be due to using strategies that are not beneficial to your company. You need to take time to look at your business and determine your amount of success.

You can start by looking at an overview of your sales. Has business increased, decrease or stayed the same. If you are not seeing an increase, then you need to look for reasons why. For instance, how are your advertising techniques working? Advertisement is a way to get new potential customers interested in your product or services. If you are not seeing an increase in customer interest, then you need to try something different in this area.

Monitor how your customers are responding to customer service. Different customers respond in different ways to the same tactics, but all of them respond in a negative way if they feel they are not being taking seriously. Customers need to feel special and know they are your number one concern. If the routine you use has become boring to your employees and clientele, then it is time to look for a more exciting way to approach and handle your customers.

Here are some suggestions to help you determine what works and what doesn't work in your business.

- Keep a record of all the techniques you use, then compare the results
- Record customers response to your techniques
- Compare results over a specified amount of time
- Compare sales on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis
- Provide a way for your customers to comment on your services

Keep in mind that what works for one business will not necessarily work for another, even if they are the same type of business. There are many things that determine the need of a company. For example, your location plays a big role in what tactics will work for your company. You can have two identical companies in two different locations and the way each one needs to be run will be different. It will depend on the type of environment surrounding the business, the competition and the average income for that area.

Tactics that have worked in the past may become outdated and you may need to disregard them and look for new modern ways of running your business. Customers get bored with the same old thing time after time. They look for fresh new ideas that grab their interest and spark their curiosity. However, if you have a technique that works and continues to bring in the customers, don't abandon it. Only lose the ones that have lost their pizzazz.

When you find techniques that do work, be sure to elaborate on them. Show consumers that you are paying attention to their needs and listening to their comments. Don't be afraid to try something new, if it doesn't work, move on to another idea until you find ones that do. You will begin to see happy customers and an increase in your business when you are using techniques that really work.
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