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What Can Be Called Wholesale Video Games Prices?

Oct 11, 2007
As strange as it might sound wholesale video games are not the only ones with price discounts for sellers on the Internet. You can go online and go to the number one auction site on the planet, type wholesale bomb and even get results as of this moment. Believe it, the wholesale definition itself has gotten way out of proportion itself. So what is really wholesale to start?

If even popular encyclopedias online define it as a sale of goods or the resale of goods to the broad amount of potential list of clients as Industrial, commercial and among others terms, can everyone put a wholesale stamp sticker in a local retail shop or on Internet sites right now and then claim wholesale shop victory? Yes they can, at least in many USA countries they can whether it is new or a used item.

So this may very well be deceiving if customers do not get a lower price from the items book value or current market value if price is higher than current average costs. So how do we know what is really wholesale? Whether it is wholesale video games, wholesale audio or the famous known wholesale panties niche- you need to be able to turn a profit in a simple way after buying the item from the source in order to consider it wholesale.

If we were to technically follow word for word the wholesale definition as example, you must sell below current market value and even sell it below current book value in order to really be considered a wholesale transaction.

If you go online and type anything that has this kind of wholesale stamp you will clearly know that many items in such sites could not be purchased or later on be resold for a higher price in order to turn a profit. This totally sounds as simple 1,2 and 3 mathematics, but is really not that simple if you are a starter. Internet is not what it used to be 5 and 10 years ago.

The most recent question from one of my own people. Stating that she needs to know sources for ordering Halo 3 with wholesale prices, as she owns a video store and where can she find such wholesale video games at greater prices. One to thank for indeed. Answer is, it should not happen with 50-60% in game discounts and if it does happen, it is definitely not the usual.

Someone is losing in such case. Wholesale prices can be define as, units that can get you a profit out of a resale of an item-the sell of a wholesale video games unit for example. But the important question being, how much do you profit? That is the real question you need to discuss further and investigate if you are really in for bargains.
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