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Greatest Wholesale Merchandise Payment Processors- Exposed!

Oct 11, 2007
Selling the latest wholesale video games merchandise would not do you any good when not having anything else but the best closing with a reliable payment processor. The usual favorites among many online veterans are usual ones that you see extensively promoting themselves for years, being in business for years and being trusted by authority sites. Without the 10 page report fluff, here are the best payment methods online as of today.

Paypal reigns as the number 1 processor in my chart. With over 150 million accounts, it brings in many of our consumer minds single words like: security, reliability, ease. This is one of eBay latest billion dollar acquisition and as a client from small businesses online you can easily make purchases online in less than 30 minutes as of now. Major safety practices by company management are constantly added and major security inputs have to be timely added in both buyer and sellers account to enjoy such form of use in its greatest potential.

WorldPay is the biggest notably known eastern and western hemisphere payment processor for us North American countryman and business woman alike. Buying from WorldPay has been nothing else but a pleasure for many of us with tranquility and peace of mind. Small businesses enjoy small setup fees of 3.95% per transaction, and that is usually better than money orders and personal checks being shipped off thousands of miles away from home if you are a US citizen, indeed!

e-Gold was one of the favorite if not, the biggest payment processor on eBay prior to such giant positive acquisition of Paypal about 5 years ago. Company is still kicking with over 1,000 account openings on average per day as of last year. But as they say beware of the cat running the mouse, Douglas Jackson has no remorse on money laundering and credit card thieves, he will turn your behind to federal authorities faster than a Tazmanian fan running the streets. Do good to others and as we say, you should be alright.

These are in my sole opinion the 3 top merchants for sending and receiving payments online, be it wholesale merchandise or be it the latest gizmo. While they are other big time competitors like Money Bookers among few others, you should only play with what it has been used with trustworthy sources without having to test a new wheel. I mean why should you as a former client!

So when using any payment processor online for sending funds or receiving them, make sure it is one of these. Be it for transaction security, tranquility in the greater sense and ease of transaction on your side, consider those top 3 in my reign heavily. Now wholesale merchandise and wholesale video games on eBay should not be a single problem whatsoever in many of our ends!
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