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Innovative Ideas For Goal Setting

Oct 11, 2007
Many children are not centered on setting any type of goal. They know what they want when they want it and when they get it then they have accomplished a goal that they did not put a lot of though in to in order to achieve it. If a child really wants something and gets a negative response, then goals might be set to influence a positive response the next time they ask for the item.

Children can come up with some innovate ideas for goal setting. They can carefully plot each action that is needed to get the things that they want, or they may simply take the short route and allow other people to make the decision for them. The latter does not help them in their personal development. To develop their logical thinking skills to handle real life situations, they must put use logic in their actions.

In their personal development, children will have to develop willpower. They have to realize that all things are not possible and to develop skills that make them strong enough emotionally to walk away without a reward or positive recognize. Their willpower skills will help them through many of life's disappointments. They could choose to reward themselves in some way for attempting to win the prize in the first place and not look at losing out as a negative factor that lowers self-worth.

Some young people will not advance in the business world if their morals are out of alignment. They use innovative ideas to advance in their business and personal life by setting goals to earn respect and trust of everyone around them. By helping children in developing their moral standards, their personal development will progress throughout life in stages of acceptance and denial.

They will be tested by friends and business associates to see if they can be trusted with their inner most secrets or with confidential information that could cost the company millions. Reaching one goal at a time is acceptable and when done correctly will often accomplish other goals as well. Helping them learn where to draw the line and feel comfortable by doing so will help to build confidence in their own decision making processes.

Children utilize goal setting in the classroom through completion of daily assignments and long term science projects. Accomplishing tasks of this nature enforces the need for dependability which is amply rewarded by scholarships at school or selection to a class office. Parents see the results of their children's efforts to meet goals and might choose to reward them with a new car because they have proven to be dependable and can be trusted to drive it responsibly.
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