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Quick Site Indexing By Major Search Engines

Oct 11, 2007
Getting listed quickly in the major search engines is what every web site owner wants to do. The best plan for getting listed quickly are submitting manually, reciprocal linking, keywords, and adding a blog, all of which we will go over in this article.

Suggestion 1: Submit your site manually to the major search engines

Most of the major search engines consider automated submissions a form of spam. They most likely will not penalize your site for trying an automated submission, but they will discard your submission. Most of the major search engines have options for you to submit your site manually.

Before you submit your site, it is important to make sure all pages are complete. Search engines don't like incomplete sites. Also make sure your site is not full of spam or disproportionate use of keywords. Search engines won't touch spam sites. You need good, relevant content.

When you submit, make sure to submit it only once to each search engine. Submit it and forget it. Submitting multiple times to the same search engine will not get you anywhere, it might even get your site excluded.

Suggestion 3: Do a massive reciprocal linking campaign

Having another site link to you will make search engine spiders that visit the first site follow the link and come to your site. Having many another sites link to you will make this happen faster and more often. There are many owners of sites that are happy to post a link to your site in their links directory as long as you provide a reciprocal link in your links directory. If they place a link to your site on their site, they want you to return the favor by posting a link to their site on your site. This helps both sites get noticed by search engine spiders and helps both sites to get listed faster and rate higher.

Suggestion 3: Use keywords to get spiders to come to your site

Keywords are words that are used on a site that people search for in search engines. Search engine spiders love sites with choice keywords and key phrases.

The fundamental rule to using keywords is to make them fit naturally throughout your article so as to not look like spam. Before writing your article, make a list of keywords and phrases that fit with the subject of your site. When you write, sprinkle in the keywords and phrases throughout the article in a natural, way. When you are done writing, count the number of keywords and phrases. Then divide that by the total number of words in your article. An agreeable number is between 1-3%. If it's below 1%, add in keywords or phrases. If it's above 5%, take out keywords or phrases.

Suggestion 4: Set up a blog on your site

Google will often index a web site with a blog much faster than they list regular web sites. Blogs are listed by search engines like Google within days of being created, whereas it can take weeks and months for search engines to notice a site without a blog.

Setting up a blog on your site is no problem. One of the best ways is to install a program such as WordPress on your web site and then use that to make blog postings. Make posts at least twice a week on the blog. Doing so will help your site as a whole get noticed quicker by search engines. Set up a blog today and watch how quickly and effortlessly your site gets listed on search engines!
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