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Five Ways To Help Your Customers Spend More

Oct 11, 2007
Making money is always a good thing - especially when you're in business for yourself. But although you might see an initial jump in your profits when you're running an online business, keeping those profits moving in the upward direction is not always as simple as it seems. In order to continue to grow your business, you need to find ways to help and to encourage your customers to spend more when they are on your website. Here are some of the most common and most effective ways to do this.

Offer Regular Sales

People like to save money, even if it means spending money along the way. When you offer regular sales, customers will see that they are going to be able to spend less on the items they want; often causing these customers to buy more to stock up until you have another sale. Try to hold regular sales so that your customers understand that you will be discounting items each week so that they come back to see exactly what is on sale. The only trick is that you don't want to look as though your prices are never steady. Try to limit your sales to one to five items each week to continuously keep your customers guessing as to what you will mark down next.

Offer Additional Items with Purchase

Create specials in which the customer buys one thing and then can get something else for a discounted price when they pay full price for the first item. One of the popular deals is to offer a one dollar item with the purchase of one regularly priced item. Or you might want to offer a certain item for free when the customer spends so much money during a single transaction. In either case, they are going to be spending more than they originally planned to spend because of that extra item. This ends up making a nice profit for you in the end.

Give Discounts to Regular Customers

If you have customers that come back again and again or you sell products that need to be refilled, be sure to offer some sort of discount to these loyal customers. Perhaps they can get a coupon off their next visit if they make a purchase with you. Or you might want to establish a system in which they get points for each purchase and then these points can be redeemed for discounts. Loyal customers are the ones that you really need to work hard to keep as they can provide you with years of profits.

Encourage Add-Ons at the End

When the customer is starting the check out process, you might want to include advertisements for items that will go well with items in their shopping cart. This is sort of like the little knick knacks that you always see when you're out shopping. Strategically placed by the register, these items are things that the customer might need, but since they're so easy to pick out as they're wrapping up their shopping, they're more inclined to buy at that point. If you are selling clothing, you might want to offer accessories or perhaps a matching purse. Think of ways to add on sales to each order.

Make Shopping Quick and Easy

Of course, the faster you make shopping, the more likely your customers will come back to spend more. Online shopping is supposed to be fun and simple. If you can expedite the shopping and the check out process, you will encourage your customers to not only spend more, but also to come back again and again.
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