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Becoming The Right Person to Succeed at Your Stay At Home Job

Oct 11, 2007
When people talk about finding a spouse, they often talk about finding the right person to marry. Although there is some truth to this commonly stated phrase, there is a much better philosophy that people should follow. Instead of trying to find the right person to marry, they should concentrate more on becoming the right person for someone else.

This method of thinking can be applied to people trying to start a successful business. Many people spend an over exhausting amount of time on searching for an easy type of business to start. They exhaust all of their time, energy, and resources in trying to find the right business for them. This is an important part of creating a new business, but more importantly is the type of person that is starting the business.

Finding the right business is not as important as being the right person for any time of business. There are certain qualities and characteristics that a potential business owner must possess in order to be successful. The following characteristics are a few suggestions of things that future entrepreneurs should aspire to achieve:


Before anything else, a person must have an ever-increasing determination to start and maintain a business. A strong, enduring desire is what drives a person to be successful. That's what determines whether or not a business will continue to succeed or fail. If the person's determination continues to grow, so will the business' potential for profit continue to grow.


The life of a new business owner can be extremely stressful and often bring many different disappointments. Many people are quick to quit the business even before it begins to take flight. With perseverance, a person is able to get through the hard times of starting a business and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Positive Attitude

When starting a business, a person must try to be optimistic at all times. A sense of optimism enlightens a person's mind and brings a spirit of positive thinking to the business. This proper attitude and mental state of mind can also bring about a business' success.

One great example of all of these qualities comes from Thomas Edison. It is said that he failed one thousand times before he was able to successfully invent the light bulb. When asked about this, he said that he didn't fail, but rather found one thousand ways not to create a light bulb.

Thomas Edison showed a great sense of desire because he continued to seek success at inventing the light bulb. His perseverance can clearly be seen from the one thousand times he tried to create his unique invention. And finally, his optimistic statement shows the proper attitude that allowed Edison to achieve success.

When thinking about becoming a successful business owner, people should follow the example of Thomas Edison and concentrate on becoming the right person for the business rather than finding an easy business. This type of philosophy will harvest much more success and happiness for all those people hoping to become successful entrepreneurs.
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