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Is It Time Yet?

Oct 11, 2007
We all know people just like this. They have an idea. They mull over it and think about it. They talk about it and even dream about it and what could happen to them if they made it happen. But they never do it. They never jump in and even attempt to make it happen.

They share their idea with others, who sometimes become excited about the idea, however they let everyday life get in the way and time moves on. The idea never becomes a reality, because they do not make it happen. They are dreamers only. They are not visionaries that make it happen. They just dream and daydream and hope and wonder "what if."

Many years ago, I thought about writing a book. While I was a pastor of a congregation, I was asked to do some writing of articles. They were both good ideas and intrigued me, but I hesitated, rationalized, delayed and got detoured and the writing remained nonexistent.

Years passed. After I went into business, my partner and I started to consider an eBook on the area of our expertise, but again I delayed it, got detoured and it remained a one page outline of potential subjects that never went anywhere and got lost in the inner memory of my computer.

Then one day, a friend and I were talking about eBooks, and brainstorming some business topics we could see written about. He said to me, "So, get started on it." "Sit down, and start writing and do not stop until you have something going." At that time in my life, I decided that he was correct. So I sat down and started writing what was supposed to be an eBook on business. What started out as a small eBook, has become an elephant project of a print book, a workbook resource guide and soon an audio CD book. Now other projects are in the works.

My point to all of this is that we wait around dreaming of what could be and do not actually get started doing that which needs to be done. Everyday life, procrastination, fear, intimidation, and much more block us from making things happen.

It happens on projects that become due at our employment, at home on those projects that your spouse and you have talked about, and those very special ideas that come to us that could change our very lives. So many ideas are lost for eternity because we delay, detour, and relegate to the shelf of our memories, that which might even change the world.

You see, you will never hit a home run if you do not get into the batters box of life. Yes, you may strike out. You may only hit a single, double or triple. You may even walk. You will never get the opportunity unless you step into the batters box of life and try. In baseball, the best hitters only hit three times out of ten. But those home run hitters get in the box every time their time comes up and they try.

Recently I gave a major proposal to an association representing nearly 1000 companies. I went up against four or five other companies. The decision as to whom they chose has not been made or revealed as yet, but one thing is for sure. One would never get the opportunity to serve these companies, had I not spent hours in preparation, traveled two hours away from my office, made the presentation and offered the proposal.

You will not win if you do not try. It is such a simple principle, but true. There are far too many spectators in the arena of life. They watch others out on the playing field, and cheer or jeer them on. However, they fail to realize one thing. It is not about them. It is about those who get out on the playing field and participate in the game of life.

Internet marketer and inspirational speaker, Mike Littman, says something that to some is quite controversial. However, I believe that he is really on to something. He says that "you do not have to get it right, you just have to get going."

Of course, we should strive towards excellence in all we do. But if we are always preparing and never get into the batters box, then it will be all for nothing. You do not always have to get it right at first, you really need to get moving though.

We are on the time clock of destiny. It is 11:59pm. We only have a minute left. There is only 60 seconds in it. You can lose it, you can abuse it, you can misuse it, you can assume it. There is only 60 seconds left and it is up to you to use it. Get in to the batters box.

You may find that you have to make adjustments. You may find that you have to try over and over again. You may find that it does not come easy. However, do not hold back. Do not let fear of the unknown or failure stop you in your tracks. Do not let procrastination put your dream off.

You see, it really is time to get moving!
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