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Are You Running Different Ad Tracking Campaigns?

Oct 11, 2007
There are a lot of ways that a person could advertise their business. Of course it will depend on the size of your business and the size of your advertising budget on which ad campaigns to go with. You could choose to focus on just one or two campaigns or you could employ a great number of campaigns to get your business known.

There are benefits and pitfalls to each method, and you would need to determine the size of your advertising budget to determine which ad campaigns you could afford and which type of ad tracking software would benefit you the most in all of your campaigns.

For a small limited budget, there are always more inexpensive ad campaigns to go with. You could go with the traditional word of mouth advertising. This is a great alternative for a smaller business or a new business just starting out. Other inexpensive methods that you could choose from would be to set up a free web page on the Internet and then advertise your business on any free advertising forums you can find.

The only problem with this method is the fact that it is free, so you would not necessarily be reaching a targeted audience. You would be reaching hundreds of people a day, but they wouldnt necessarily be interested in your product or service.

Another method that could be ideal for a smaller business would be to have flyers printed out and you personally hand them out to prospective customers. Once again, although you would be reaching hundreds of people, most of these people would not be targeted to your business practices. You could also go with the inexpensive advertising method of having business cards made up and handing them out to prospective customers.

The best way to use this method effectively would be to place these business cards in an area where you know prospective customers would be interested in your type of service or product.

But, sometimes it does pay to spend a little extra money and try other advertising methods. Some of these methods could include launching an e-mail ad campaign to targeted customers, placing banner ads on similar websites, pay per click advertising, professional article writers or paid reviews on blogs.

All these methods will cost you a little extra than the previous methods, but because they are actually targeted to specific customers for your specific business, these methods may actually pay off better in the end.

To track your ad campaign success you could purchase some ad tracking software. This ad tracking software would enable you to see exactly what methods are working for you and what methods are not.

You could then transfer all your advertising dollars to the methods that are more successful, this way ensuring that your advertising dollars are not going to waste. Although ad tracking software will cost you a small amount in the beginning, the amount of information you receive from the reports will more than make up for an initial costs in the beginning.
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