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Getting Leads For Your Network Marketing Business Using Articles

Oct 11, 2007
If you are running your own website or blog to promote your network marketing business, you need quality content. Quality content satisfies the constant need for information from internet users and positions you as a leader, an expert who knows what they're talking about!.

Articles containing keywords and keyword phrases relevant to your business also have the advantage of getting your site high in the organic (i.e. free) search engines.

The use of articles also has a viral effect. If a reader enjoys an article and finds it useful, they will tell others about it, thus increasing your traffic even further. You build up trust and confidence with your visitors and this in turn increases your sales.

So there is no doubt that articles are crucial to a site and to making sales. There's just one problem with this though - the majority of people don't enjoy, or don't feel able to write articles.

Most network marketers would much sooner spend time doing something else. Of course, there are plenty of professional article writers out there who can provide quality content at a reasonable price, but most people who are just starting out in business don't have the necessary funds to spend on this.

Stealing articles from others is both unethical and illegal and could even result in a prison term!

However, there's no need to risk your life and liberty, as there are hundreds of thousands of articles out there in the public domain which are completely free to use. In fact the authors are chomping at the bit for you to use them!

A public domain article means that you can do whatever you like with it; you can add it to your site, even pass it off as yours. You can send it to your mailing list, put it in your training newsletter, the choice is yours.

Obviously you will want to choose articles on topics relevant to your business and your site.

Public domain articles are articles freely given to the public for public use. You can do whatever you want with them. You can place them on your site, add your name to them, put them in a newsletter, it's up to you. Always remember though that you should choose articles with content relevant to your site.

But, of course, if an article is free to use this means it's not exclusive, so the world, his dog and not forgetting your fellow network marketers may also be using it, too. It's important for every website to be different and unique so the answer here is to edit the article, change the wording a little, insert more keywords.

Even so, I would only recommend this as a temporary measure because the most valuable resource you can have is well-written, original, unique articles.

There are many professional article writers out there charging only small amounts. You can order top-notch articles containing all the relevant keywords and keyword phrases that people are looking for.

The money spent on the articles is a worthwhile investment for the benefits they bring. You own the copyright to the articles and can use them however you choose and they are priceless in terms of building your reputation as an expert on your subject. And, most importantly, they increase the traffic to your website.

And more traffic equals more sales!
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Ann McLaren is a professional network marketer and trainer who specializes in helping others achieve success. For more free network marketing training and tips, visit her at http://blog.solutions-for-winners.com
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