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How To Get The Googlebot To Visit Your Site

Oct 11, 2007
A Googlebot is a search bot or robot used by Google. It is an automated software program that crawls the Web looking for web pages to build a searchable index for the Google search engine. Bots are also called crawlers, robots and spiders. The Googlebot a key part in how Google works and it is a key part in how to get your site listed in Google.

To get listed in Google you need for the Googlebot to visit your site. To find out if this is happening take a look at your site's log files. Look at the hostnames of the sites that visit your site. If you do not see, "googlebot.com" then the Googlebot is not visiting your site.

The best way to get Google to find your site is to get links from web sites that rate high in Google. Go to google and search a few keywords related to the subject of your web site, see what comes up. Now try the same keywords and include, "add your url" and "submit your site". As an example, if you sell cook ware search Google for, "cooking add your url" and "cooking submit your site". Cooking sites that don't sell cook ware will be more likely to exchange links with you because you don't compete with them.

This search will bring up web sites that want to exchanges links and are highly rated by Google for keywords related to your web site. Read the instructions on their links page, add their information to your links directory and then add your information to their links page. When the Google spider visits a site one of the things it does is read through the sites link pages to find new sites to visit. The next time the Googlebot visits the high ranking site it will find your link to your site and visit it. Exchange links with several sites this way and keep looking for the Googlebot to show up in your log files.

Google Submitting advice

You need automatic submission software for submitting to the thousands of insignificant search engines, but do not try it with Google. Submitting you site to Google is easy. Go to the search engine's site, click on "Submit a site" and then fill out the necessary info about your site. Here are some things you should keep in mind.

Don't bother submitting if all the pages aren't done. Google does not like incomplete sites. It is pointless to fill out the submission form if your site isn't finished.

Make your description as brief but comprehensive as possible. Make sure the details in your description are relevant, interesting and accurate. If yours site is about fishing equipment make your description about the kinds of fishing equipment on your site. Don't brag too much, just give people a statement of what can be found on your site.

Sometimes your site can get listed on Google, but then taken down for some unknown reason. If this is the case don't worry, re-submit your site and work on building relevant links.

Once your site shows up in Google your work is not done. Now you need to evaluate and test keywords to find the most specific and directly targeted words and phrases to bring the most motivated traffic to you site.
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