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Give Your Coaching Practice A Cutting Edge Through Networking And Marketing

Oct 11, 2007
Being a master business coach, a great leader, or even a good person for that matter is not sufficient to create a significant change within an organization. For bringing in change in the public sector, non-profit sole proprietorships, global conglomerates or even families; you need to network and market for good sales. Simply knowing how to incorporate marketing, networking and sales is not enough. Business professionals should personally incorporate the principles.

Every business coach ought to find a common intersection point of networking, marketing and sales. It is essential to understand the difference and excel in the activities linked to every part of the significant trio before sealing any deal. Given below is a detailed description of each principle and their relevance to coaching practices:

Networking(forming new relations and sustaining them is the basis of every business activity):

Information and interviews are powerful networking tools, which are developed for gathering information pertaining to what individuals or their company do. Since the interview is not a sales meeting, it is safe for the interviewee. As a matter of fact, many people are more than willing to offer their mentorship.

Informational interviews can be created according to client needs. You work together to design questions that the clients will direct towards the network. Thus they gain new perspective on the operations and focus on certain growth areas and an insight into the challenges that the clients have to face time and again.

Networking acts as a gateway into the sales process for business coaches. Informational interviews keep the business channel considerably open, with add-ons coming in frequently.

Marketing(communicating about your business, product, service or you):

Marketing comprises of whatever measures you are taking for promotion of your ideas or business, besides activities that directly deal with relationship building or demand specific outcome. Instead of creating opportunities for delivering your services, marketing activities enable you to benefit from opportunities to effectively deliver your message.

Keep strategic advantage in mind whenever you produce the marketing data so as to create them once and use them regularly in various ways. Develop a message for a speech and you can reuse the same for an article. If you create something within the operations and do not use it again, you are unnecessarily wasting time and money.

Marketing and messaging should sustain the business development efforts, and not turn into them. People usually don't get more clients by producing more material; what you get is only more material.

Sales(requesting for what you need):

You might be aware of the fact that every networking and marketing effort creates a full string of leads that pop up all of a sudden, and generate business. When businesses focus on energy and time taken for delivering the client services, they lag behind in marketing, networking and sales activities. This ends in an unpleasant situation wherein they complete projects without any leads and concentrate on generating new business from scratch all over again. If you are a managerial leader directing an internal coaching program in particular, you should also inspire and gather support for various initiatives and convey the vision effectively so as to motivate and engage the team.
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