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Why Coaching "Alpha Males" Is So Challenging

Oct 11, 2007
There may not exist a standard definition, but on a general level we can define Alpha males as individuals who are hardwired to win regardless of the circumstances and who seek dominance of the world around them in order to achieve something that they sincerely believe in. Now since they already know a lot about being successful, you might think that coaching them would be an easy task but you will be surprised to know that coaching Alpha males is actually more difficult than doing the same to any other individual who might be willing to toe the line. For better understanding, let us discuss some of the main reasons as to why coaching Alpha Males is such a challenging task.

Confidence; a double-edged sword

Alpha males have varied skills and qualities but the thing that often makes the difference is their display of undisputable confidence that comes naturally to them. Now it is true that this innate confidence contributes a lot to their success, but you just cannot join in the celebrations because as a coach you are most likely to face problems with their confidence rather than the other way round.

Not that Alpha males will completely dismiss your advices and suggestions, but since they are never short of confidence, you can be quite sure that they will laugh their hearts out after you have left the room, especially if you had pointed out their inherent infirmities during the coaching session. So, what should be done? Well, the best you can do is to offer sugarcoated pills so that Alpha males do not actually treat your inputs as an attack on their belief systems. You can support your claims with practical examples and try to be a bit more patient with Alpha males.

The competitive spirit

Since it will not be wrong to say that Alpha males are automatically programmed to react to competition, never try to do or say something that has the potential to attract the competition-detection radars of Alpha males. You may gain a few brownie points, but since the success of your coaching career depends a lot on what your clients think of you, never make the mistake of bringing your ego in between, no matter how smug an Alpha male might be. Be practical, think as if you are dealing with a talented child who just needs to be shown the right path. Act as a partner or friend rather than display a domineering attitude while coaching Alpha males.

"I am the best" attitude

Since Alpha males are naturally inclined to think that whatever they do is the best that can possibly be done, never make the mistake of giving direct hints or suggestions while coaching. What you actually need to do is ask them the right questions, which will then lead to the right answers. This will certainly help because whatever you might be trying to prove will then come through the Alpha males themselves. They are thus most likely to treat that as something their own and implement it sincerely, just as you would have liked them to.

Coaching Alpha males is certainly challenging, but if you consider the factors described above, you can easily win their confidence and achieve your coaching objectives. So, just go ahead and try out these techniques. See if you too can make a difference just like the Alpha Males.
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