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Outsourcing Article Marketing: The Easy Way to Make Money Writing Articles

Oct 11, 2007
Article marketing is one of the most effective yet inexpensive forms of marketing available to online entrepreneurs.

By writing articles and distributing them through article directories, you are able to get your message to your customers using other people's distribution networks. This is an incredible amount of leverage that allows you to reach large numbers of readers that would be too expensive to reach any other way.

In addition, the medium of an informative article is much more likely to establish you as an expert on your chosen topic, which in turn makes readers more likely to accept what you are saying, and then to buy what you are selling. This is the basis of how you can make money writing articles.

But the value to you as an online entrepreneur doesn't stop there. In addition to reaching customers and presenting yourself as an authority, you also gain authority in the eyes of the major search engines. The Internet is like a giant voting machine. Every link inbound to your website from another website is like a "vote" for you. The more votes you have from respectable websites, the higher you'll rank in the search engines when people search for your topics. This in turn brings you more customers.

In summary, article marketing enables you to reach vast numbers of potential customers both directly and through search engines, and makes them much more willing to buy from you at the same time - all at little or no cost to you.

Sounds too good to be true!

Well, there is a catch. Article marketing takes time. Writing articles that are well thought-out, well constructed and that present you well as an expert take a certain amount of effort, and a flair for writing that most people simply don't have.

In addition, to be truly successful, you need to reach a certain "critical mass" of articles out in circulation before you really start to see the wave of customers and search engine visitors reaching your website. This means that you need to establish a regular writing and distribution schedule, and you need to stick to it - for months. This takes iron discipline and, quite honestly, a solid investment of time.

Unfortunately, this time and effort problem is what stops most people in their attempt to make money writing articles.

Luckily, there is an easy way to write articles and benefit from all the article marketing goodness we described earlier. It's easy, takes virtually none of your time, and can be done for pennies on the dollar. I refer to outsourcing. Hiring out. Finding contract writers who will write your articles for you, on your schedule, so that all you need to do is manage the process at a high level.

The process of outsourcing article marketing is surprisingly easy and inexpensive to do.

The first step is to come up with a schedule and a list of topics for which you would like to produce articles. It is often useful to "batch" a number of topics together into a single "project" so that you engage one writer to write five or ten or even twenty articles at one time. You can average-down your cost per article this way.

Then you need to post a project on an outsourcing site such as elance or rentacoder describing what type of articles you need written. The writers will then bid on your project, allowing you to review and select the bidder you feel can write the best articles for you at the best price.

All you need to do then is manage your business from a high level. Arrange the writers to deliver articles at the appropriate times for your schedule, then send the articles off for distribution once they're done. It's easy, cheap and takes very little of your time. Best of all, it sets you up to succeed in your desire to make money writing articles.
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Jason Jantzi has used outsourcing to drive his Internet marketing for years. Download his free Hiring Out 101 outsourcing guide and learn how to use powerful article marketing to help your business succeed.
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