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How To Use Web 2.0 To Help Your Online Business

Oct 11, 2007
Are you familiar with the term Web 2.0? If you have an internet business it is important to not only understand it, but to get on board and start using it. Here are several things on how to use Web 2.0 to help your online business.

Web 2.0 is all about getting your visitors involved. Making them feel like they are part of the process and not just another visitor to your site. If they can add comments, links, vote on polls, watch videos, listen to audio, offer feedback, and just about anything else that gets them involved, it is Web 2.0

When you blog you are offering your thoughts on a topic. In the past blogging was really just a diary of your thoughts. The better writer you were the more traffic and repeat traffic you had. It was kind of like being a columnist for a newspaper. Certainly you could get letters or emails, but your other readers never saw those.

Now you do not really even have to be a very good writer. Certainly a quality blog is better than a poorly written one, but if you can come up with creative ways to let your readers control the content and make them part of the process you will have it made.

You can immediately sense a blog that is alive versus one that is dead. The look and the feel of it is apparent. You feel invited into to it. This is how Web 2.0 can help your online business.

When people like something they come back and they bring friends. It is so much easier to monetize a blog and sell things to visitors that are in a good mood. You do not even have to sell, really.

You just have to keep being creative and making it fun and informative for your visitors. Certainly this means having a good blog platform and developing some skills along the way.

WordPress is considered one of the best blogging platforms because of all the plug-ins they offer that really do a good job helping you with Web 2.0. You will need to learn how to put video and audio on your blog. There is good software to help you with that and you can always hire out what you do not want to do or know how to do.

The important thing is use as much as you can in regard to Web 2.0 to make your business more interactive whenever possible.
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