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How To Spot Affiliate Marketing Products With High Potential

Oct 11, 2007
Product owners are desperate for affiliates to promote their products. Unfortunately many products are not as highly regarded as some merchants would like them to be and for that reason it is important to follow a system when selecting possible products with high potential and massive profits.

One of the best ways to do this is with the Clickbank Marketplace and staying up to date with what's hot and what's not and what's about to launch to the world wide web. While you can try your hand at promoting the latest and greatest internet marketing product, as competition can be so fierce it is often possible to try the unbeaten path.

When you go to the Marketplace you will be given the option to choose a category and/or sub category. You can also choose New Products in sub-categories.

Don't be alarmed at new products having low gravity because that is usual. However, there are some things that you can do to evaluate their profit potential.

This includes looking at the popularity of the product, the number of affiliates promoting the product, whether sales are coming mainly from the merchant or affiliates and the refund rate of the product.

What is the target audience for the product you are looking at?

Are there many products in the marketplace that are competing with this same product?

Does the sales copy look inviting and as though it's been professionally written?

Are there any bonuses of perceived value which could make it even easier to promote this product well?

How does the price seem to you? Does it seem a fair price? Is there an introductory price?

Another thing to consider is the length of the guarantee.

Are there genuine testimonials on the web page and does it seem like people would have an interest in this product?

I would suggest that when you go looking for high profit potential products that you keep a note of products that you find, including the answers to all these questions, and when you've got ten to twenty on your list then evaluate them further and find a good starting point.

There are numerous ways to start promoting these products. For virtually instant traffic you could try Google Adwords, for bum marketing methods you could try article marketing, and you could jump on board the social marketing websites with a little web 2.0 pizazz and send a buzz around the net with the product that you are promoting.
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