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How To Rake In Affiliate Cash With YouTube

Oct 11, 2007
It's estimated that almost 3 billion videos are viewed on a monthly basis on YouTube. However, most affiliate marketers are doing it all wrong if they're trying to rake in affiliate cash through online video streaming.

YouTube was recently bought by Google and is one of the most popular websites online considering the vast number of people all over the world that it brings into its lounge room on a daily basis.

If you are serious about becoming a successful affiliate marketer then you must funnel traffic from YouTube and other video streaming sites to your optin page before sending them to the merchant's website.

Unfortunately most resellers get it wrong. They simply whip out their video software, record the most boring three minutes of television ever to land on the planet, and release it worldwide hoping it becomes as popular as that soppy Britney fan of last week.

Wrong. The fact of the matter is that if you want to viral video to go viral and get an insane amount of viewers plus traffic to your websites then you need to do it in a stealthy manner.

You remember the cliffhanger of the olden days like Who Shot JR? Well, welcome to YouTube because if you can master the art of creating a nail biting cliff hanger then you are on a roll to raking in reseller cash quicker than ever before.

Don't show the whole video but only a snippet that is enough to entice viewers to visit your url for more information.

The key here is to entertain or intrigue people in some way.

You could post an intriguing riddle that forces people to go to your website for the answer. On the other hand, you could announce a contest. You could sing karaoke, do a comedy skit or take the funniest home video angle - got a funny pet anyone?

If you also have a lens on Squidoo then you can also add your video url on your lens while YouTube actually hosts the video for you.

As an affiliate marketer it is relatively easy to generate traffic to your websites.

Only promote products on there that are proven sellers and that convert well.

Create a review video where you first appear to rate the product very low but then come around and believe it's the ants pants - provided you buy it from your website where you solve the only problem that it has.

Take advantage of all the video streaming sites out there by either posting manually to all of them or using a submission service or automatic service that does all the work for you.

Important - when you are doing your video you can actually put the name of your website somewhere on the video.

Remember to use the right keywords for you video - commonly referred to as tags - use either the name of the product, or searched for phrases to get very targeted traffic.
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