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Why Social Marketing Is The No Cost Way To Grow A List

Oct 11, 2007
Social marketing or web 2.0 has frequently been dismissed as an untargeted way to not only make affiliate sales but to grow a list. However, social marketing websites are having a profound impression on both online and offline marketing.

The beauty of social marketing sites is that they are free to promote to and the traffic you can get from them to your websites is nothing short of insane. One of the best positive effects of these websites is their ability to build crediblity for both internet and affiliate marketers. However, just because it's free doesn't mean you don't have to work at it.

When it comes to growing an internet business web 2.0 is one of the best ways to gain free exposure and to build trust with people all over the world. Web 2.0 puts you in the position of becoming an authority on a subject by planting the seeds of trust with other visitors to these social bookmarking sites.

The most well-known social sites include MySpace, YouTube, Squidoo and Digg to name a few but in actual fact there are hundreds. These sites have millions of visitors and users and the numbers grow on a daily basis.

It's very easy to get started as an affiliate marketing in web 2.0. These sites operate in a different way. MySpace is really about building a list of friends and the aim here is not to ever sound like you're selling them anything. On the other hand, Squidoo doesn't use friends lists but entices people to build lens on informative topics. In recent times though Squidoo has clamped down on lenses that don't look useful or seem spam like so some caution is needed.

Other social sites will spread the word quick about your websites and really drum up huge affiliate commissions if you do it right.

As a stealth affiliate marketer on these websites it is important that you appear as though you are wanting to educate people rather than ever sell to them. Affiliate marketers come and go but super smart affiliates have perfected the art of affiliate marketing and are here for the long term.

The key to getting rich as an affiliate starts with product selection. Your primary role as a reseller is never to sell to a customer, it is to presell to a visitor and convert them into traffic to the merchant's site. One of the best ways to do this on social bookmarking sites is by announcing your new articles to the world which links to your landing page or by giving away an informative free ebook of some kind on a topic of interest.
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