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3 Surefire Steps To Writing Articles That Bring In Dollars!

Oct 11, 2007
For the average network marketer, the existence of their business is often short lived. There are different scenarios that prevent companies from reaching their full potential. One of the main issues is that mlmers are often unable to figure out effective marketing strategies. The top network marketers in the industry have this down solid and do extremely well. As for the new jacks in the industry, they are taught the old school techniques which keep their income and overall business success out of reach.

In the old school network marketing, we have the out dated technique of contact lists of family and friends. The new face of network marketing involves article writing. I highly recommend this as it works extremely well for my business. Article writing allows you to address your readers online by providing valuable information with solutions. Most important is that you are building an online reputation which gives your company credibility. Article writing is one of the fastest ways to get your business out and establishes a consistent avenue to attract customers.

Good article writing that provides informative material will have ezine and website publishers interested which will lead to your articles being published in hundreds of online magazines. This of course is great because not only will you build a positive reputation for your business, but you will also generate a large amount of traffic which in turn, brings in a large amount of sales.

I'm sure many of you reading this are fully capable of writing articles. There are 3 important points that will help you to effectively write and publish your articles. These three pointers will definitely make your journey a smoother ride. They are simple, but you would be surprised at the difference it will make in your business. These steps will get your articles out and get you paid.

1. You MUST solidify your topic. Know your topic by researching it thoroughly. Your article is what represents you and your company. It must be informative and insightful for your target audience. Researching information online will help you connect with your market. It will also help you determine what type of topic would be best for article writing for your target audience.

2. Research tips on article writing. There are many eBooks that you can download to get help in this area. EBooks are fabulous. They teach you step by step how to choose your topic, what to include in your article, how to format and submit your article to publishers.

3. Sign up with a large article distributer! I cannot stress this enough, in article writing, this will make submitting so much easier. There are various article submission companies that offer free submissions of articles and they distribute to hundreds of publishers at one time.

The most important part of article writing is your resource box. This is located at the tail end of your article. The resource box is where you let the reader know where they can find out more information about the topics discussed in your article. The resource box is also the key in how traffic will generate to your website.

Including these 3 important steps into your article writing overall will create monster results in the traffic to your website as well as an increase in money in your pockets!
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