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It's Simple Math No Traffic Equals No Income

Aug 17, 2007
I don't like to waste time. My dad would beg to differ but I really don't like to waste time. Do you know what I learned the hard way when I starter a little business in my home town? It takes just as much time to build great business as it does a bad one. Unfortunately, I spent my time building a bad one a before I knew it I closed shop. When I started on the net I promised myself that I would spend my time building a good business this time around and not a bad one. You know what it took about the same time to do it but now I'm not only still opened but I'm booming. So if you're to invest the time now, you might as well maximize your efforts in order to get the best returns later.

High-profitability keywords have a good Demand: Supply ratio. The ideal scenario is to identify a keyword with "High Demand" (i.e., lots of people are searching for information on that topic) and "Low Supply" (i.e., not many sites are supplying
information on that topic).

Your concept or theme should be a highly profitable niche... a "niche" concept (that people are searching for) has less competition than a more general one. This makes it easier for your well-written pages or articles to rank highly with the free Search Engines.

Keep in mind that your business should excite you. Choose something that you know and love (or that you are willing to find out more about) so that writing lots of great pages or articles in the future is not a huge burden or challenge.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Offer potential options for making money with traffic that comes to your site. This ensures a good Return on Investment on your traffic-building efforts, making every visitor to your site (even the not-so-targeted visitor) a possible income-generator. Remember investment is not just money

If you are selling your own product or professional service, your goal is to find the
most profitable and the most Search-Engine-friendly way possible to position your
offering on the Net

To me, this is the most important part of your entire online business so take the time to prepare properly rather than repair later (if you have time before you quit that is).

Yes... your start will be delayed if you prepare everything before you begin. But once
you have completed preparations, you'll roar ahead. Most people fail in any business because they don't plan adequately. That's three times as true for an Internet business.

Bottom line, if you build poorly you will get no traffic. If you get not traffic you will get no money. Hence no traffic = no money...
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