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Key Challenges for Developing Asian Executives

Oct 11, 2007
Asia has now become a hotbed for establishing innovative as well as huge investment businesses. However, many of the Asian business corporations confront a range of difficulties with regard to incessant social shifts, rapid changes in business laws, and global responsibilities.

No wonder why there is an increased demand for talented business executives. Hence, developing or coaching executives has now become essential for the success of a business organization in an Asian country. In other words, executive coaching has been now construed as an advanced methodology in order to develop expert Asian executives.

A host of benefits can be derived from developing executives in Asian countries. Foremost is that it helps to build an executive or a leader, who is trustworthy as well as self confident. The next is that it helps them to get a better vision of their developmental goals, which in turn allows for effortless achievement of goals.

Another key benefit of developing Asian executives is that it enables them to be a more effective and successful leader or a manager. Through effective executive development programs, individuals are able to master the concepts and models of management, which make them adept in tackling the challenges involved in modern businesses such as government policies and regulations, globalization, pressures within the organization, technological advance, and dynamic markets.

In addition, benefits cover identification of strategic opportunities, in case a change is required in the organization; effectual development of financial and business plans; effective management of rapid changes in a business environment; acquiring skills to evaluate overall business functions; and formulating strategies for a successful marketing and management.

Aforesaid are among the benefits from the point of view of managers or leaders. In other words, developing executives is not only beneficial for managers but also for business firms, as it can fetch them benefits like goodwill and reputation, enhanced ROI (Return of Investment), and minimized internal conflicts. Al though, it renders substantial benefits, there are certain key challenges for developing Asian executives.

One of greatest challenges for developing Asian executives is that many of the business corporations and firm consider training business executives as a redundant expense. Nowadays, a practice seen in most of the Asian countries is that corporations and business firms are ready to invest billions and trillions of dollars in their business. This in turns places greater demand for business executives and top level managers. But, when it comes to development of business executive, the activities with regard to it are under-funded and hence still in infancy.

The success of an executive development program usually depends on the expertise and knowledge of an expert business coach. Further, an executive coach must necessarily possess artful questioning, observation, and listening skills, apart from qualities such as integrity, self worthiness, loyalty, and confidence. However, nowadays many of the Asian executive development firms face a shortage of senior personnel as well as a competent business expert for imparting training for executive development.

Another major constraint for the development of executives is lack of communication as well as language skills. Conflict between the approaches of young generation and business coaches, lack of confidence to take risks; global exposure, lack of innovative and creative thinking, and lack of skills in structuring and coordinating the processes vital for developing leadership qualities in individuals, are the other key factors that affect the success of executive development in Asia.

Above all, many of the Asian executive development firms face challenges in building a culture of leadership that focuses on developing qualities like valuing other people as well as the ability to manage changes.

Apart from these, constraints for developing executives also include factors such as lack of openness, ie, in most cases, there is no open or free flow communication between the individuals and business executive coaches, which in turn obstacle the shaping of a successful as well as competent business executive.

Understanding these challenges and drawbacks, many business executive firms have now come forward to render the best in the development of a competent business executive in Asia. Majority of them render superb programs to develop business executives in almost all arenas of a business, such as, information technology, industrial, professional services, general manufacturing, and logistics. Let it be any type of programs, a business executive development should necessarily focus on achievement of goals, facilitation of workforce efficiency, and improving leadership qualities.
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