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Password Protection System - Customize Your Security?

Oct 11, 2007
If you are looking to grow your business, then hospitality and customer-satisfaction should be your primary concern. As of today, running a business is not only about productivity; it is also about making your client 'feel at home'.

No customer would like to return to your website, displeased with your product and then receive a cold reception in return. Even if they do find a way to interact with you, their queries and complaints may end of filling your mailbox. If this negligent trend grows, your business would slowly enter in a state of stagnancy and discontent.

This is why many organizations opt for a full-fledged customer support center with a 24/7 service. But just in case, the business is small scale and caters to a smaller audience, then the 'Password protection' customer service software can be used.

Installing a password protection system would create a self-automation system that would help you in responding to your customers. It would free you from the worry of writing and posting hundreds of personalized replies to your customers. A password protection system offers your customers monitory access to your knowledge database offering them the ability to manually search for their answers in manuals and FAQS. A password system would insist in the entry of an id and password, on each webpage of your website.

This is how a password protection system works:

-The password protection system is offered to those browsers that have been genuine customers of the organization. These customers are requested to fill a form, and the id and password would be sent on email. The parameters of the form, id and password are entered in the websites database. The id and password offer the user the ability to access FAQS and manuals reserved in website. The Password can be changed any time, and should contain numbers and letters, less than 20 characters.

-When the password is implemented, orders would only be processed when the right password has been entered. This security pattern would be implemented, every time the client would try to access any of the manual webpages and or to place a new order. If the order is placed on phone, fax, email. The correct password must be given else the order processing department will not process the order

-Just in case, the order is placed a validated source by phone, fax or email. The products must be shipped to the address to ensure that the order made is "legitimate"

Overall, the system can protect you from spammers and hackers. It can also help you search viruses and monitor all activity, taking place on the website server. The system also helps you organize and categorize your genuine customers, improving your relationship with them. If these are not enough for deploying a password protection system on your website, then it would be advisable to download a trial version and check its features. Some password systems are open-sourced and offer you the ability to customize your security.
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