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What are the Characterisitics of a Successful Entrepreneur?

Oct 11, 2007
Being an entrepreneur can be hard work. There is no argument against the fact that having a business can sometimes be stressful and often time consuming. Having your own business can be very rewarding though, despite the minor setbacks that come with it.

So perhaps you want to start a business of your own, and become one of the competing entrepreneurs of society today. But are there certain things you should know or be able to do before you dive into this life long dream?

Are there certain criteria that your personality should follow that make you a better entrepreneur? Perhaps there are a few things that could improve your chances of running a successfully starting and running your own business.

1. Have ambition. One of the best things you can bring into the entrepreneurial world is your enthusiasm. Your ambition for the job will not only spread among your teammates and employees, but it will bring new light and ideas to the work atmosphere.

Having the motivation to get the job done and done well will be a key factor in starting and maintaining a good business as well as a good relationship with the people you work with. Your enjoyment of the job depends solely upon you and how you react to the experiences you will get in the business field.

2. Be original. Having something that someone else does not is basically the whole idea of working in today's market. Being better than your competitors is exactly what will make or break your business.

Be creative and original with your ideas. The best way to improve your business is to bring fresh products to the table and present them in a way that people have not seen them before.

3. Take some chances. Many people see risk as a bad thing, but in this case, it can either save, or even make you extra money. Taking reasonable risks with your business will allow it to expand and become more thriving, whereas otherwise, if you stay within your comfort zone, you may not get the kind of profit you had hoped to make or that was in your potential to make.

4. Confidence. You have the ambition, you have the creativity, now all you need is the self esteem to get your business on its feet and running.

The world may not believe that you can make it in a business world, but you need to have the confidence in yourself to show them that they are wrong, and that you do have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Your new ideas should be brought to the surface for everyone to benefit from, and hiding those ideas and talents will only leave you with regret.

5. Learn from your mistakes. Being able to take your failures and turn them inside out, examining what you did wrong and how you could change it, will be beneficial to your business.

Wallowing in self pity will not get you far. Being able to move on and learn from your mishaps will make you a better entrepreneur and allow for your business to bounce back from the rougher times.
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