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Job Prospects Of Heavy Equipment Operators

Oct 11, 2007
If you were fascinated with big trucks and other heavy equipment right from the time when you were a kid and have still not lost your appetite for big machines, then a heavy equipment operators' career is certainly your best bet. By doing so, you will not only get to live your childhood dreams but will also be able to earn a decent package since the demand for heavy equipment operators has increased dramatically in the last few years.

The operators' course

For becoming a heavy equipment operator, you will be required to pass a certification course that is available at both the school and college levels. During the certification, you will receive both theoretical and practical training covering all the associated topics such as basic fundamentals, advanced technicalities, and the repair and maintenance of different types of heavy equipment. Other topics that are most likely to be discussed may include engineering, applied math, safety and volume computations. After passing the certification exam, you will be issued a license that will make you legally eligible to operate dozers, backhoes, scrapers, track hoes, loaders and graders etc., in maintenance and construction fields.

Job prospects

Not many operator-training schools offer direct placements, but you need not worry because there are plenty of jobs available. If your performance is good enough, you can easily make a career in any of the fields listed below:

. Heavy Equipment Mechanics: In this job, you will basically be required to undertake routine repair and replacement works as might be necessary to keep the big machines in a running and 'safe to operate' condition.

. Mobile Heavy Equipment Operator: In this job, you will be required to operate mobile heavy equipment machines that are often deployed by wholesale leasing and distribution firms, federal and local governments, and large construction and mining companies.

. Construction Equipment Operators: In this job, you will be required to operate forklifts, trailers, compressors, air pumps and others that are normally used for moving earth and shifting heavy materials.

. Railcar Repairers: In this job, you will be required to carry out repair and maintenance works on railroad locomotives such as mine cars and subway cars that are mostly the properties of railcar manufacturers and private and public transit companies.

Apart from these, you can also get jobs in the county, mining, and governmental agencies such as parks and recreation departments, city and highway departments etc. Depending on location, you can become eligible for a starting salary of $12.00 to $18.00 per hour. These may not be enough, but you need not worry because with experience you will certainly witness a dramatic increase in your pay package.

Infrastructure development is a never-ending process and this is why you can rest assured that there will never be a dearth for jobs in this particular domain. You may have to manage through brief periods of cyclical downturns depending on the existing economic conditions, but even then it is highly unlikely that you will face unemployment, especially when you have the right skills and expertise. So, go ahead and register for a heavy equipment operators' course, right away!
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