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Do I Need A Long-Term Strategy For SEO?

Aug 17, 2007
One of the biggest mistakes that newbie web marketers make is they make a website and then just sit back and not wait but hope that the money starts coming in. Like any other business, things around you change. The competition changes, more competition comes around. The market changes, the demand for the product changes. Has an online business owner you not only really need to have long term strategies but you also need to be able to adapt to the ever changing world of the internet. Some experts call it "Business and the speed of thought". There are a lot of very sharp people out there that will snag every dollar they can. Don't expect all of us marketers to be nice guys that will share the piece of the pie because most of us don't.

Unfortunately or fortunately, search engines change their algorithms from time to time. If today's rule, for example, is that just the right combination of text in the title tag will make or break a site, and you know this is true, and then all you have to do is to tweak the title tag to fit within that rule, and you will automatically rank very high...today.

Suppose that tomorrow, however, that rule is changed. Suppose that now the most important factor that the search engines use to rank a site is the content of the META Description tag. All the work you went through yesterday to fix the title is now useless. All of your attention is now focused on fixing that description tag.... and then there's the next day when Google decides that all website must have title bars that state that they are God...

Clearly, over time the focus of the search engines will vary. The best way to deal with this is to not deal with it! This means that rather than tweaking a site one way today and another way tomorrow, the best way to approach optimizing a page or a whole site is to not try to beat the system. Instead of trying to "psych-out" the search engines, why not add value to the site? A "common sense" approach to search engine optimization, looking for long-term results, is the way to go. When you try to help a site rank better by making it the best it can be, everybody wins. In other words Good Content is and will always be King.
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