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How To Promote To Your Niche

Oct 11, 2007
It seems like a brilliant idea; join a few forums and newsgroups then just tell them all about your great new product or web site. Everyone will want to know because it is just so new and so hot, or they'll at least admire your self-promotion efforts, right? No, that couldn't be more wrong. Online forums and newsgroups are usually tight communities of like-minded people. You can network, build relationships, learn and grow your business through online communities. But if you spam these loyal and tight knit groups, you had better be ready to run for cover. This article will share a few tips about posting on forums and newsgroups without being accused of spam.

Today's online forums and newsgroups are communities centered on a common interest. Most often people come to these web sites to learn and share, or sometimes they just want to hang out. But because these sites feature such a high concentrate of potential customers within a defined niche, they are also the frequent target of spammers. Often of course, these spammers don't see themselves as such.

So we're all on the same page, let's take a minute and review just what spam is. Spam is simply an unsolicited advertisement. You didn't want it, you didn't ask for it and you will probably hit the delete button as soon as possible when you suspect it. In a forum or news group spam is a message that tries to sell something or promote a web site, when nobody asked for such a thing.

But what about all those targeted forums out there serving all those wonderful niche markets, isn't there some way to reach them? Sure you can reach them, but since these sites form virtual communities you're going to have to be accepted into the community first. That doesn't mean you can just join and post a few times then expect people to do cart wheels when you announce your product or site. You're going to have to be an active participant, establishing your reputation and giving back to the community.

Even then, most forums and news groups have rules about posting links. It is always a good idea to read the site rules before trying to promote anything. Some forums might have a special area where you can announce new sites and products, or even directly solicit your wares. Many sites will allow you to place discrete links in an area called you "signature".

Are these types of sites good places to promote your product or service? You bet they are; you might find some of your most loyal customers in an online forum or news group. But for that to happen you'll have to exercise patience and follow the rules.

Whatever you do, avoid being labeled a "spammer" as much as you would avoid the plague.
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