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Why Is More Than One Income Stream Required?

Aug 17, 2007
Simple answer, Greed. As Hawkeye told old faithful Trapper in an episode where they wanted to keep Frank Burns from leaving the 4077th, so they pretended that there was gold to be found. "Trap the three basic human emotions are Greed, Fear and Greed. Greed is what brings investors back when they've already made a fortune on a stock. Greed is what brings most people to fall in love with each other especially when one of the two has a rich father.

Realistically, not every visitor who lands on your site will be interested in your primary offering. You may get visitors who belong to your target group but they might have slightly different needs... unique needs that your primary "solution" cannot fix.

You could just let visitors like that proceed merrily on their way. But why would you?
After all, you worked very hard to get them to your site or get them to read your article in the first place, right? And your greedy right so if you are like me you want everybody that reads your material or comes to your site to buy and to buy often and to tell others to buy and to buy often.

Here's an example of what you could do. You could make recommendations for niche-related, non-competing products and/or services that may be more suited to the needs of those visitors, or even provide contextual Google ads and earn revenue for each click. Anything as long as you profit from having gotten that visitor who came to you to leave a few pennies before he/she leaves.

The key is to never be dependent on any one income source -- "all your eggs in one
basket" is a high-risk strategy. By diversifying, your revenues increase, your business is more stable, and you are in charge of your business destiny.

Don't feel that you have to offer a secondary income stream right away. Focus on
building more targeted traffic for your primary income-generator, and then when you
are ready, begin your second or third ones. Important Note: Multiple income opportunities should never be introduced at the expense of your main business.

There are countless ways to monetize traffic (as your primary and/or secondary model). You could choose... affiliate programs, the sale of hard goods, contracts for services, the sale of your own e-book, referrer/finder programs, advertising, especially Google ads, promotion of online auction listings, online shopping mall etc., etc. Use your imagination. There really are countless ways to turn visitors into dollars.
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