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If I'm Only 17-Years-Old Is It Possible For Me To Start a Business?

Oct 12, 2007
There is no set of rules for you to go by when you are trying to start a business. In fact, depending on the person and the business, starting out with a business may come with its own challenges and its own benefits. But what if one of those challenges is the fact that you are a minor, you have not finished high school, and you haven't even gotten your wisdom teeth pulled yet?

Impossible? Nope. Just because you are not the average age of a person who starts a business does not mean that you can't.

So how exactly do you go about getting the money to get this business on its feet? You could always get money from your parents, poison your great aunt Phillis that you never knew so you can reap the inheritance money, put your fifty dollars in the bank and let it gain interest over a seriously long period of time, or you could go hunting for treasure in far away islands. OR you could do it the smart way.

There are several places you could go to get loans. Venture loan boards, which are part of youth entrepreneurial organizations, are places that specialize in loans for young, potential business owners. They evaluate whether or not you are worth of a loan, how much money you will be able to have, how you will be paying it back, and what other kind of conditions will go with your loan.

It is also important that venture loan boards know how you are going to invest the money that they loan you. You need to have a plan concerning how you will use the money to get your business on its feet so that they know you are serious about your business ideas and that you are willing to follow through with it. Once they know you are responsible with your money and have a sort of blue print of how you are going to use your funds, they will be more inclined to give you those funds.

If places like this don't work, you can always go to a local or community organization like a credit union. Places like these will be more inclined to loan you money because it is more of a familiar organization. Those kinds of places give more support to young people because it makes them look good and it brings in more business.

Starting a business can be a huge deal. Following through with your ideas and your plans for a business is key to accomplishing your goals. When you get an idea, if you want it bad enough, you should stick to it.

Getting the kind of money you need to form a foundation for your business should not have to be a difficult task. Using this advice can help you along your way to the business ownership position you've always dreamed of.
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