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What Is The Best Traffic For Your Work At Home Business

Oct 12, 2007
The first thought, which may come into your mind is, that those requirements cost a lot of money. However, the surprise is that it does not cost so much money, because you have to use mostly your knowhow and talents, not your wallet.

The work at home business is not an investor business, but 100 % knowhow business. This is very useful to understand.

To be able to run a successful home business, the key issue is that you have planned it well and that you have a realistic target and a working strategy. I would say that of these two, the strategy is absolutely the most important. That gives you the answer how you reach the targets.

After you have done the strategic planning, here are some working promotion methods, which fulfil the criterias mentioned above:

1.Write Optimized Articles.
The article writing is my favorite, because it does all the criterias plus will make my name a famous brand in the industry. The articles stay in the directories and websites for years and bring targeted traffic, which is presold, constantly. Naturally articles work day and night every single day.

The most important thing is that the articles are search engine optimized, i.e. the keyword or keyphrase is in the title, teaser, in the body and, this is the most important place, in the about the author box. This form an anchor text, i.e. a related backlink to your site.

The quality and the number of these backlinks will determine how high your site will climb in the search engine result pages. If the quality and number of backlinks of your site is worse vs. the competition, you cannot beat them.

2.Distribute Your Articles Widely.
The wider the article distribution, the more backlinks the article creates and the better possibility it has to become copied and pasted to different websites.
I normally use a distribution service with over 60.000 destination directories, email addresses and pages, which will quarantee my optin articles a full effect.

This kind of big distribution means, that the articles are not unique ones, but it does not matter because they will still bring the benefits: the good number of backlinks and targeted site visitors.

If you want that your article will climb high in the search engines, then write one optimized article and publish it through the best submitting service in the market.

3.Write A Blog Version.
As I mentioned above, the search engines like original, unique articles. Only these have possibility to climb high in the search results. It is important to see the difference. These articles are not meant to bring backlinks, but targeted visitors.

The same requirement concerns the blogposts. You can of course use the same articles as a bottom, but you have to rewrite them in order to avoid the duplicate content claims. I underline that only articles or blogpost ALONE can be enough for the good traffic building.

4.The Best Traffic Is, However, The Repeated Site Visitors.
I would say that despite of all promotions you run, the most important single item in your work at home business communication mix is your home page. That is your shop, the home of everyting, so concentrate to build that as good as you can and finetune it regularly. You will see from the number of repeated visitors, whether your cusomers are happy with that or not.

As seen above, I am a great believer of self made communication in the work at home business marketing. That builds a unique difference and a loyal customer base.
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