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UP and Down, Up and Down

Aug 17, 2007
Having a website is a lot like following your favorite sports team. In a course of a season they can go from first to third to last, and then be in the middle of the pack or completely off the radar screen. Then the next season they start the process all over again if the franchise has survived. I've seen my websites go from 100 pages or a search result to the number one position within a week. They have stayed in that first spot for months and then drop back down out of site. Whether my site sits at number one or number 1 million, my strategy doesn't change. I constantly tweak things in order to stay on top of the game. How do I do this, easy by reading and researching and yes even sometimes take a few gamble but calculated ones.

It's a fact that websites rise and fall in the rankings all the time. The only real constant is that the sites of TRUE value, the ones that offer something relevant and important to the searcher, are generally always near the top - even after the latest algorithm shift has sent the corner cutters into a frenzy of activity as they attempt to reformulate their search engine optimization strategy.

Then they think hey, I've optimized my website for the search engines and I'm seeing plenty of traffic -- but why isn't it staying very long? Could it be that you've forgotten what your visitors need? It's essential that you keep in mind when building your website what your potential customers need to make sure it will be a friendly place for your visitors to spend some time. After you've accomplished that important task, you need a good search engine friendly optimization plan that will allow your sites to be seen in the vast Internet world.

While it may take a little extra effort, I like to think of the relationship with search engines as a "partnership" in a real sense. We use optimization methods that apply the attributes search engines have deemed to be valuable to a website, which improves both the website and the website's search engine rankings. The search engines, in turn, send highly targeted visitors who have shown an interest in your industry, products, or services. Sure, it may seem that we get more out of the deal then the search engines have, but the engines don't complain. They haven't even acknowledged our partnership.
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