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Secrets of Paid Surveys Online

Oct 12, 2007
Are you interested in paid surveys online? If so, you can certainly find a lot of them very easily. Go to Google and type "paid survey" and you'll get back millions of results. But wait, there is a catch to the list of paid surveys you'll get back.

What you'll see when you go through the results is that these aren't the actual companies that provide the surveys, but typically they are sites that offer links to the paid survey sites. Nothing wrong with that as it gives you one place to go to get the links to all the paid survey sites online. What is a problem is what they require from you to get access to the lists.

Most of these survey databases that promise you thousands of dollars a month aren't just giving the information to you for free. Many of them expect you to pay for access to their list of paying survey sites and at the least they will want your email address. This isn't right. Stay away from the sites that ask you for something in return for the information you get. Information about paid surveys online should be free and if you look a little deeper you will find sites that give you all the paid survey information you need completely free of charge.

Understand that while there are hundreds of market research companies offering paid surveys online there are even more sites that offer up lists of paying survey companies. As I said before this is actually a good thing, as long as the list you're getting is a free one.

Market research companies have been conducting surveys for decades, since the 1950's at least, and some have even been online for over a decade now. The market research companies are moving more and more online as a way to save money, to reach a wider audience and to connect better with survey respondents. And for the most part the market research companies offering paid surveys are completely legitimate, contrary to what you may have heard.

More and more people are taking surveys everyday as a way to have their opinions heard and make some extra cash at the same time. The problem for you and me occurs because of sites that are trying to cash in on the popularity of online paid surveys. The information they provide isn't bad, in fact in many cases it is quite good. However asking people to pay for their list of survey companies is one way they take advantage of unsuspecting people who don't realize they can get exactly the same information for free from other paid survey websites.

Honestly, there is no reason to ever pay someone for a list of paying internet survey companies. This information is freely available and anyone who wants you to pay them for the information is simply stealing your money. The ones who offer free access, but require your email address to register are not quite as bad, at least they are giving away the information, but it still comes at a price. If you give up your email address to register at one of these sites don't be surprised if the amount of spam you receive increases dramatically. They only want your email address to resell or to use it to market to you themselves.

If you can avoid the scam sites trying to take your money you've already won half the battle. Use your new free list to sign up for as many paid surveys online as possible and be persistent in completing the surveys they send you. Before long you'll start to get higher paying surveys and you'll be making a nice steady monthly income from your new paid survey job.
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