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Searching Online For Heavy Equipment Jobs

Oct 12, 2007
The Internet is a great resource for searching suitable job openings for pursuing careers in heavy equipment operation, maintenance and management fields. Just google 'heavy equipment careers' to access loads of information on everything from training to certification including jobs in this field. For example, a job as a mechanic for these types of machinery can typically fetch a salary ranging between $39,000 to $70,000 per annum depending on qualifications and the level of skills and experience.

The job would require fixing power shift transmissions, hydraulic systems or fuel injection systems, inspection of bulldozers and cranes and clean/test machine parts etc. Job openings exist in the construction, mining, gas, oil and other industries. Work can also be found at subway repair or railroad construction sites.

An online application form for the job will typically seek the following information about the applicant that has to be provided while submitting the application. A sample of information required is being provided hereunder.

CONTACT INFORMATION- Full name and address including email address with details of last 2 employers and job titles

EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION- High School/some College course work/ 2 or 4-year college degree

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE- No experience/ less than 1year/1-3years/4-6years/7-9years/10years+

NATURE OF EXPERIENCE- Experience in aligning machine, cutterhead or depth gauge marker with reference stakes on the ground, positioning equipment following hand signals from assistant, using hitches to fasten bulldozer blades or other attachments to tractor, connecting hydraulic hoses, belts mechanical linkage or power takeoff shaft to tractors, adjusting hand wheels and depressing pedals to drive machines and control attachments like buckets, blades scrapers, swing booms etc., repairing and maintaining equipment, operating heavy equipment to compact earth fills, foundation forms according to grade specifications, spread and smooth/steel reinforce asphalt, stone or concrete, laying out route of pipes following written instructions and blueprints, checking slope using carpenter's level or lasers, tapping and drilling holes in pipes to introduce auxiliary lines or devices, operating a bulldozer, scraper or road grader etc.

SALARY EXPECTED- $ 6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20 or above per hour



Although known commonly as heavy equipment operating personnel, the nature of the work performed by a heavy equipment operator employed in construction and maintenance of different work sites under contractors, construction companies, municipal corporations and logging companies etc. varies quite a lot. Accordingly, theoretical/ practical knowledge and experience specific to different equipments is desirable for operational work as asphalt plant operator, backhoe operator, dredging equipment operator, bulldozer operator, excavator operator, loader operator, heavy equipment operator, grader operator, paving equipment operator, side boom tractor operator, snow-removal equipment operator, sewer flushing truck operator, pile driver, bridge worker etc. More than half of all heavy equipment personnel are engaged by the construction industry. The rest are employed in gas, oil, mining, landscaping, agriculture, logging, fishing and manufacturing industries.

Demand for qualified personnel to be directly recruited in supervisory and managerial positions in heavy equipment jobs is also high. However, with long experience and varied work exposure to develop required knowledge and skill sets, it is possible to progress to supervisory/managerial positions from the level of heavy equipment operator in course of time.
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