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Can The Discussion Forum Be The Main Media For Your Work At Home Business

Oct 12, 2007
If a member is able to do this, to become helpful to other members, it is possible that he will become a brand name little by little. This means of course more business for himself too. But, to be honest, there is another side of the coin too: false or totally wrong advices or even advertising, can do more harm to the image of the writer.

Normally the breadth and quality of knowhow in the quality discussion forums is amazing, the attitude being to honestly help others as well as possible. Members dig into all detailed aspects of the question, which gives other members a real, practical help.

The starting point is that everybody participating those forums is in the need of better tips for their work at home businesses. And in the forum an internet marketer can discuss with the real legends and ask questions. Some members are newbies some are experienced seniors but they have a mutual target: to share what they know.

The people at a specific topic discussion forum are highly targeted prospects in the constant need of better business tips. Now if a member really can regularly help others towards the better business results, he will be valuable.

One aspect is important: forums are great places to build relationships between people with the same targets: to share optin leads or to participate each others businesses. The members of high quality forums are a huge and powerful internet marketing tool: when you share your benefits, you will benefit.

At forum a member can specialize in certain topic or topics only and build his respect with that.
A good way to track your forum participation is to look at how many have commented your post. The more, the more useful you are.

1. Use Sigfile To Get The Traffic.
Normally forums accept a few lines of advertising, some links, at the end of a post, called sig file. This is the only place to advertise, even with three copylines including urls. Using sig file you can get useful backlinks to your website, which will inrease your rank in the search engines and bring more traffic to your website. Search engine spiders will also pick your posts and they will be seen in search results. This will exponentially increase the effect of your post.

2. The Post Presells, The Sigfile Gives A Link For More Information.
The post itself has to do the main job, to arise interest towards you and your business and to tease the reader to click the link in the sigfile. You can think that sig file is like giving a business card in the business meeting. It must be hidden advertising. Many forums accept even three different copylines. When you plan your adcopy, think like a forum member and about the nature of the forum.

3. Think Your Brand.
Regular posts build your authority inside the work at home business community. The more you post, the more respect you get. The more respect you have, the more sales it generates.

Forum post will live forever in the archives of forums and all over the internet, it has a real residual effect. The writers and readers of the forum are the best of the best target group for the internet marketer. This also sets some quality requirements on how you contribute in the forums. Be active and helpful. Be yourself and honest and never try to advertise. Keep in mind that the idea is to build relationships and give help.

The best internet marketing forums are among the most visited sites in the internet. This tells that internet marketers see them very, very usefull for their businesses, a sort of help centers.
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Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. Please visit my home page to pick a lot of useful information and tools about forum marketing for your own work at home business.
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